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Backcountry Access Tracker3 Avalanche Beacon

Backcountry Access Tracker3 Avalanche Beacon

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Product details

The Backcountry Access Tracker 3™ Avalanche Beacon is a lightweight, advanced transceiver for backcountry skiers and snowboarders. This beacon is used to prevent injury and death by finding people buried in an avalanche. The Tracker 3™ features a big picture mode, signal suppression mode, and burial/directional indicators to improve search and rescue efforts. This beacon also uses motion sensing auto-revert-to-transmit mode in case of a second avalanche.

Key Features:

  • Chest Harness – The beacon can be placed near the chest for a warm and secure fit to keep out of the place from other gear.
  • Battery Life – The beacon uses 3 triple AAA batteries that provide 250 hours in transmit mode and 50 hours in search mode.
  • Signal Suppression Mode – This mode allows the user to suppress other signals to find the strongest transmitting signal first.
  • Big Picture Mode – This mode picks up all transmitting signals to provide a distance reading, and a direction arrow pointing to the bury site.
  • Burial and Proximity Indicators – These indicators present how many people are buried and the distance and direction to where they are.
  • Motion Sensing Auto-Revert – This mode will transfer search mode into transmit mode in the event of second avalanche.
Backcountry Access Tracker3 Avalanche Beacon
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Kyle Kendall
Kyle Kendall
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

A middle ground for beacon tech. Triple antenna, 50 m range, includes harness. Signal suppression and big picture modes.