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Sea to Summit Premium Blended Silk/Cotton Liner · Navy

Sea to Summit Premium Blended Silk/Cotton Liner · Navy

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Color: Navy
Mummy w/ Hood
Long Rectangular
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The Silk-Cotton Blend Travel sleeping bag liner is made for world travellers and backpackers of all kinds seeking an alternative to hostel sheets or an easy-to-clean liner for their sleeping bag. It’s made of ultra-soft natural fibers that are less slippery than pure silk and comes in mummy (6’ 10” long, with hood), standard/rectangular (6’ 1” long), or traveller (7’ 1” long, with pillow insert), with the traveller serving best as a lightweight sheet.

Key Features:

  • Silk/Cotton Blend – The combination of these two natural fibers is less slippery than pure silk, which is ideal for active sleepers who move around a lot.
  • Added Warmth – While it’s ideal for use in warm, humid climates where a comforter isn’t needed, this liner can add a few degrees of warmth inside a sleeping bag. It also extends the bag’s life by keeping it cleaner for longer.
  • Lightweight and Compact – The mummy and rectangular liners weigh about 5oz while the traveller weighs just over 6oz, and each comes with a clip-on nylon stuff sack.
  • Hygienic and Easy Care – The liners are machine washable and colorfast, but should be air dried as they contain silk.
70% cotton / 30% silk
0.40 lb.
Intended use
Backpacking, Camping
Age Group
Model year
Liner Shape
Product dimension
85 x 36 in.
Sea to Summit Premium Blended Silk/Cotton Liner · Navy
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Top reviews
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Mason C.
Mason C.
Verified camping & hiking expert
Reviewed Aug 10, 2022

Comfort and making the washing process super easy. It's like having silk sheets inside your sleeping bag! When you're a little sticky from the day, this transforms your sleeping bag from something that sticks to your skin as you roll or move to like being in your sheets at home.

Adam L.
Adam L.
Verified camping & hiking expert
Reviewed Aug 10, 2022

Only adds 5oz to overall carry-weight. Includes a nylon stuff sack. Machine washable, and a blend of cotton and silk that offers comfort, and breathability. Not only do liners add extra warmth, but they also extend the life of your sleeping bag by reducing wear-and-tear and exposure to your skin's natural oils.

It's comfortable for use on it's own for temps down to ~65F.

Adds a bit of extra warmth to a sleeping bag (I'd say somewhere between 5-10F)