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Look Pivot 14 Gw Ski Bindings · 2021

Look Pivot 14 Ski Bindings · 2021

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Product details

A favorite with freeriders, this binding features a rotational heel that helps prevent knee injuries. With a huge amount of elasticity, this binding is unlikely to pre-release.

Key Features:

  • Max DIN of 14 – This is a mid-range max DIN that will fit a wide variety of skiers. If you are unsure of if this will work for you, talk to a Curated expert.

  • Gripwalk Compatible – This binding is compatible with Alpine DIN (ISO 5355) and Gripwalk Soles only.

  • Turntable Heel – The turntable heel rotates directly under the tibia for a safer lateral heel release in a fall.

Boot Sole Type
Alpine DIN (ISO 5355), GripWalk
DIN / Release Value High
DIN / Release Value Low
Model year
Ski skill level
Intermediate, Expert
1 Year
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Look Pivot 14 Ski Bindings · 2021
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Top reviews
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Savannah Ruhs
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Jul 19, 2021

Not only is this an awesome binding to look at, the design components make this a rad option for a skier looking for elasticity, security, versatility, and performance. The toe and heel of these bindings have 180 degree multi-directional release which delivers reliable release when throwing tricks. The vertical and lateral elasticity offered due to the turnable heels helps reduce the risk of injury, and improves shock absorption. These bindings also have a uniquely small mounting zone that improves responsiveness and the consistency of the delivery from the ski's flex. A final component is the 7 points of contact that this binding has with boots, this boosts the transmission of energy from edge-to-edge to help deliver more power and performance.

Tanner B
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Apr 23, 2021

Safety. This binding saves your knees when something doesn't go as planned. 180 degrees of rotation allows you to release reliably to the side, instead of relying on your leg to do the releasing. Also a super sturdy and reliable binding, with a good amount of customization. (Added benefit is they look rad).

Eliot G
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Jul 19, 2021

SAVING KNEES. I can't say it enough. This binding was in the top 5 most recommended bindings of 2020 and it is all about safety. Don't let another binding hold you back from ripping hard. You're going to be skiing hard and you want this binding there for when things don't go as planned.

Kyle Toohey
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Jul 19, 2021

The Look Pivot has some of the best binding release data on the market. It will keep you locked in and protect your knees as well as any binding available. The 14 DIN range will give you plenty of room to dial it up and to feel confident. You'll be fully letting it rip on the mountains.

Cam Baker
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Jul 19, 2021

These are 100% the safest bindings on the market! The unique rotating heel piece ensures a smooth release when your ski needs to pop off! These things save knees! I have 3 pairs of them and who knows how many times they have saved my ACLs.