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Look Pivot 12 Ski Bindings · 2021

Look Pivot 12 Ski Bindings · 2021

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Product details

A favorite with freeriders, this binding features a rotational heel that helps prevent knee injuries. With a huge amount of elasticity, this binding is unlikely to pre-release.

Key Features:

  • Max DIN of 12 – This is a lower range max DIN that will fit a wide variety of skiers. If you are unsure of if this will work for you, talk to a Curated expert.

  • Gripwalk Compatible – This binding is compatible with Alpine DIN (ISO 5355) and Gripwalk Soles only.

  • Turntable Heel – The turntable heel rotates directly under the tibia for a safer lateral heel release in a fall.

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Product specs
Boot Sole Type
Alpine DIN (ISO 5355), GripWalk
DIN / Release Value High
DIN / Release Value Low
Model year
Ski skill level
Intermediate, Expert
1 Year
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Top reviews
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Savannah Ruhs
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Apr 1, 2021

These can be a great option for a park rider because they have higher elasticity which makes it less likely for the skier to pop out if the landing is a little off but recovery is possible. These are a really solid binding to invest in given, one, they are compatible with ISO 5355 Alpine and GripWalk soles (lots of boots), the turntable heel is super for minimizing the risk of lower leg and knee injuries from falls. Another great feature of these bindings is its 7 Points of Contact which creates better transmission of lateral energy from edge-to-edge, more control, responsiveness and feel.

Rob G.
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Apr 1, 2021

The added elasticity allows for an extra split second before the binding releases — that means you don't have to crank your DIN up to avoid the dreaded "pre-release." In years of skiing on this binding, I never pre-released, and I have always released when I needed to (including once when the release resulted in a lost ski, but a non-release would have likely resulted in a serious injury).

Sam V.
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Apr 1, 2021

Long-lasting, industry-proven binding in strength, safety, and durability. The heal piece also swivels to aid in reducing torsional forces to the knees and legs in times of release/falls. Compatible with both alpine and gripwalk soles.

Jake Parker
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Apr 1, 2021

These are the cream of the crop. It has a unique design where the heel piece rotates which helps ensure a smooth release when your ski needs to pop off! These things save knees! They tend to be a little heavier and are very durable.

Anika Miller
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Feb 28, 2021

Superior energy transmission with the seven points of contact, superior performance, and superior prevention of lower leg injuries. This binding has lots of elasticity to prevent pre-releases, and provides a very comfortable ride.

Mikaela C.
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Mar 19, 2021

A full action toe piece and unique "turntable" heel design, these bindings are meant to be worked! Confidence and stability with ultimate ski-to-boot control, you'll be happy you brought these along for the ride.

Cobe Warnick
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Feb 15, 2021

Ideal binding for advanced skiers wanting a predictable and comfortable release. Add bonus points for looking cool, because we all know you only ski as well as you look.

Cole S.
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Feb 24, 2021

The binding heel and toe piece have higher elasticity than the average binding allowing for fewer accidental releases. This binding is compatible with most alpine boots.

Peter Gombert
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Feb 14, 2021

Increased safety due to the fully turnable heel. Due to the all metal construction of these bindings, durability is another area that these boots excel.

Will Shaw
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Feb 19, 2021

Great for skiing hard and feeling connected to the ski.