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Orvis Hydros Fly Reel · V · Silver

Orvis Hydros Fly Reel · V · Silver

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Color: Silver
Reel line weight
I (1-3 wt)
IV (7-9 wt)
III (5-7 wt)
V (9-11 wt)
II (3-5 wt)
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Product details

The Hydros is Orvis’ mid-range, large arbor fly reel that is both lightweight and durable. The Hydros is a great fit for anglers wanting a well-featured, high-quality reel at a middleground price.

Key Features:

  • Large Arbor Design – The large arbor makes each reel rotation more efficient at collecting fly line.
  • Fully Sealed Drag System – The fully-sealed drag system allows the Hydros to be a versatile option for both fresh and saltwater applications.
  • Zero Start-up Inertia – The Hyrdos has zero start-up inertia, which creates smoother and easier reeling.
  • Narrow Spool – With a narrow spool, the Hydros has less overall line stacking and provides extra backing capacity.
Water type
Freshwater and Saltwater
Reel or Spool
Arbor size
Drag type
Reel Material
Anodized aluminum
Reel weight (oz)
Yards backing
WF9: 250 yds./30lb, WF10: 225 yds./30lb, WF11: 200 yds./30lb
Reel diameter (in)
Fishing type
Reel width (in)
Orvis Hydros Fly Reel · V · Silver
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Top reviews
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Baily Dent
Baily Dent
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Sep 15, 2022

Great value for the money. Has the technology of the Orvis Mirage reels the only difference is it is not fully sealed. Also has a different mix of aluminum from the more expensive lines. The balance pairs perfectly with the Recon rod, as it was made to pair with it. High preforming smooth drag. Large arbor for faster recovery. Overall, great freshwater reel with a hard working, smooth and reliable drag system.

Kendrick Wilson
Kendrick Wilson
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Sep 15, 2022

The Hydros series is perfect for novice and expert anglers looking to step up performance without breaking the bank. This is a lightweight large arbor reel with a fully sealed clutch bearing drag. Quick line retrieval and has a low start-up inertia which is great for hot fish in the fresh and salt.

Ryan Peters
Ryan Peters
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Sep 15, 2022

All around trout - even and especially when you have to put a good size fish on the reel! Durable, dependable, and a great drag ratio!

Colby Ridge
Colby Ridge
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Sep 15, 2022

The drag control on this reel is world class, allowing for perfect control over any trout, bass or salmon. This reel will basically fight the fish for you. It's great for fish fighting and good looks.

Jacob Arnold
Jacob Arnold
Verified conventional fishing expert
Reviewed Sep 15, 2022

This is an awesome mid range reel. Orvis has a variety of reels in different price categories with different features. If you're looking for a really well built, machined aluminum body, large arbor reel in the 5-7wt range I would highly recommend this. This won't break the bank as much as some of the higher end reels, but will certainly pack a punch in it's performance and has a great value.