Orvis Clearwater® Two-Handed Fly Rod · 13' · 7 wt

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Part of Clearwater's Switch & Spey series of rods, the Orvis® Clearwater® Two-Handed Fly Rod is thoughtfully designed for the value-minded angler wanting to get into two-handed casting or someone who needs a dependable backup to their favorite rod. The series ranges from lighter trout spey styles to heavier rods that are perfect for salmon and steelhead.

Key Features

  • All-water Use – This rod is crafted with black-nickel aluminum reel seats for durability and all-water use.
  • Alignment Dots – Having these on the blank aid in faster and easier rigging.
  • Medium-fast Action – A medium- to fast-action rod accommodates a wide range of casting styles.
  • Chrome Snake & Stripping Guide with a Ceramic Insert – These are quality components for a more premium feel.
  • Peace of Mind – This rod is backed by a 25-year Orvis warranty.

Use Cases

  • 11'4" 3-weight is a trout spey rod for medium to large river systems.
  • 11'4" 4-weight is a trout spey rod for medium to larger rivers where an angler needs a little extra reach and power over the 3 weight.
  • 12' 6-weight is a lightweight rod well suited to two-hand casting for summer run and Great Lake steelhead.
  • 11' 7-weight is a Clearwater 117-4 switch rod is for those who like swinging flies for steelhead in the Great Lake tributaries or surfcasting to New England stripers.
  • 13' 7-weight is a truly versatile spey rod that can handle large rivers and smaller systems with big fish. This is a great option for those who spend long hours on the water.
  • 11' 8-weight is a 118-4 and a great option that offers all the versatility of a switch rod. This is the rod for swinging large rivers or overhead casting in the surf.
  • 13'6" 8-weight is the do-it-all rod in the lineup; able to handle large fish but not be unwieldy in hand.
  • 14' 9-weight is a big-water spey rod for those who want the power to cast long Scandi lines or heavier Skagit-style lines, but something a little lighter than the longer heavier 15’ 10wt rod.
  • 15' 10-weight is a powerful rod for big rivers and big fish. Everything from Alaskan King Salmon and Scandinavian Atlantic Salmon are on the to-do list for this rod.
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matt is the man,
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I'm a newbie. as new as they come. he asked me what my budget was. I'm the type that likes to buy once cry once type of person. matt offered me a few levels of budget and let me decide. he answered all my newbie questions. for weeks. so simple answer. let the pros that know what they are talking about help. he even took the time to make a new fly fishing list for when I'm ready to move into that. so thanks so much matt for everything.
Daryn Verified CustomerJun 30, 2023
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Matt was amazing!
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Matt was so easy to work with. He answered all my questions and there were many. He offered detailed explanations for his recommendations and sold me exactly what I needed, nothing more and nothing less. He also gave me valuable information regarding the sport of fly fishing and not just the current equipment I was seeking to buy. It was an amazing experience. Thanks Matt!
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Great fly rod and line recommendations, with great price match deals!
5 /5
Rylyn found a sale for the Douglas Sky G rod and recommended it. He said that this was the best rod in the market and so I bought it. We paired it with monic Trout Master fly line. I was not disappointed at all! The rod feels intuitive and natural to cast. I could cast more accurately and a longer distance than I ever did with my previous rod.
Athis Verified CustomerJun 24, 2023
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Quick service and a wonderful end product!
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I recently purchased a pair of waders through Curated with Stefan’s help. They were very helpful and able to get me exactly what I was looking. Items were perfect for my price range and the days by the streams/lakes that I will spend my time at. I enjoy researching products on my own, and was worried Curated might take the fun out of things, but this service is great for people like me also. Whether you have an idea of what you want, or are just getting started looking I would highly recommend Curated, and Stefan!
Brandon Verified CustomerMay 15, 2023
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Josh and Curated were awesome!
5 /5
Found a great deal on Curated for a Daiwa fishing pole. My sales representative, Josh, was very helpful in answering questions before the order. Even more impressive was how he and Curated responded when the rod was delivered broken (not their fault). They immediately helped guide me through the return process which provided me the confidence that this would be resolved without issue. New rod is on the way and I have already ordered a second one!
Steven Verified CustomerMay 9, 2023
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5 /5
Just getting in to fly fishing and needed supplies so glad I found this website and got Matt’s help. Wouldn’t have been able to start with out him! The way the site is set up with your own expert Super cool and ahead of its time. Matt killed it with gear suggestion! Can wait for my stuff to get in!
Justen Verified CustomerApr 21, 2023
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