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Orvis Helios™ 3F Fly Rod · 7'6" · 3 wt

Orvis Helios™ 3F Fly Rod · 7'6" · 3 wt

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An exceptionally accurate, lightweight, and versatile fly rod, the Helios 3F is Orvis’s flagship rod with a moderate action (as opposed to the fast action on the 3D). With a variety of rod weights and lengths, the Helios 3F can accommodate a variety of casting styles and will suit experienced anglers who prefer a moderate action for more delicate presentations. Key Features: - 3F Accuracy – Compared to the other Helios model (the 3D), the 3F is designed for accurate casting and delicate presentations. - Moderate Action – The Helios’s action is less rigid and more forgiving than the fast action of the 3D, making it better suited for dry fly or lightweight nymph applications where accuracy is key. It may suffer a bit with heavy streamer rigs on windy days. - Titanium Stripping Guides w/ SiC Inserts – With Orvis’s premium rods come premium components, such as titanium stripping guides for lightweight durability and silicon carbide (SiC) cup inserts for excellent line shootability. - Orvis 25 Year Guarantee – Orvis has an excellent warranty program with a “no questions asked” guarantee that will repair or replace broken fly rods for a minimal handling fee.

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Expert product review
Fly Fishing Expert Josh H.
Review by Curated Expert Josh H.
The Orvis Helios 3 series is widely regarded as the most technologically advanced fly rod to ever grace earth’s waters, and comes as a replacement for the beloved H2. The Helios 3 is offered in 3D and 3F. Shawn Combs, the director of product development at Orvis, explains the meaning of the two variants, simply, by saying, “The D stands for Distance and F stands for Feel.” One thing is true of both variants: they perform brilliantly. The focus of this review being on the Helios 3 “Feel”, I can honestly say that this is a rod that encompasses the meaning of the word. I had to pay for the pleasure, but let me tell you why you should consider following my lead.
Casting Ease
A trout sitting in a net and the Orvis Helio 3F Fly Rod laying above it.
A man in waders fishing in a river.
Handle of the Orvis Helio 3F Fly Rod with a reel attached.
Orvis Helios™ 3F Fly Rod · 7'6" · 3 wt
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JJ Miller
JJ Miller
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

This is the ideal setup to hunt down big predatory fish like pike. You need a big heavy rod that can generate enough power and energy to load and cast big, heavy flies to target those toothy critters. With pike fish, you're looking at making a lot of casts, which can wear out your arm over the course of a day fishing. This is a 7wt rod that feels more like a 5wt in your hand, which will help you save your arm from fatigue, so when you finally hook a pike, you've got the strength and energy to wrangle it.

Tellan Lloyd
Tellan Lloyd
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 22, 2022

Great for indicators/euro-nymphing, and streamers but can do just about anything. Softer tip/action than the 3D for more delicate presentations and better feedback. Still has a stiff/sturdy midsection and butt.

Jake Gronholz
Jake Gronholz
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 22, 2022

Great for dry flies as well as nymphing. Can definitely throw some smaller to medium-sized streamers on this set up but will deliver small to med sized presentations perfectly.

Jake R
Jake R
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Aug 29, 2022

This rod can be used for just about anything from streams to salt water.

Matt VanOrman
Matt VanOrman
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

This rod is great for landing bass streamers in between docks or for pounding a riverbank with trout streamers.