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Orvis Clearwater® 6-Piece Fly Rod · 9' · 8 wt

Orvis Clearwater® 6-Piece Fly Rod · 9' · 8 wt

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Product details

The Orvis Clearwater is an accurate, versatile fly rod with a powerful medium-fast action. Orvis designed this rod to have an entry-level price while still performing well enough for any experience level angler. With its powerful blank, this rod is ideal for longer casts and heavier flies in both fresh and saltwater applications. Key Features: - Medium-Fast Action – Orvis designates the action of this rod as medium-fast, making it ideal for most anglers as it accommodates a wide variety of casting styles. - Chrome Snake and Stripping Guides with Ceramic Inserts – The Clearwater is adorned with chrome guides that are durable and allow for smooth line shooting. - 25-Year Guarantee – Orvis stands by their products and the Clearwater is no exception. Anglers can rest assured that their purchase will be protected in the event of an accidental breakage or unlikely manufacture defect.

Single hand
Medium, Fast
Water type
Grip type
Full wells with fighting butt
Rod material
Fly fishing type
Nymphs, Streamers, Dries, Euro
Fishing type
Fish species
Bonefish, Trout
Fly fishing technique
Dry flies, Nymphs / Wet, Streamers, European / Tightline
Orvis Clearwater® 6-Piece Fly Rod · 9' · 8 wt
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Rob F.
Rob F.
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Not only does it have the length to reach out and control drifts and the power to reach far banks, but it also has the line weight to handle big bass. Firing a big topwater won't be an issue!

Andrew Pfaffinger
Andrew Pfaffinger
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 22, 2022

Powerful yet very versatile rod that can handle a wide array of challenges from small dries to streamers and wind.

Tellan Lloyd
Tellan Lloyd
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 22, 2022

Just about any trout in North America. This rod excels at shorter range and is a great rod for beginners and veterans alike who don't want to break the bank. Plenty of power for longer casts and versatile enough to handle a variety of dry flies, nymphs, and streamers.

Ryan Booth
Ryan Booth
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Small to medium size fish but can also catch a larger trout if your up the finesse fight!

Elijah Saint Blancard
Elijah Saint Blancard
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

No reel here - just the rod. Allows you to mix and match reels.