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Orvis Hydros Coldwater Intermediate Fly Line · WF · 10 wt · Sinking · Clear Camo / Moss

Orvis Hydros Coldwater Intermediate Fly Line · WF · 10 wt · Sinking · Clear Camo / Moss

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The Orvis Hydros Coldwater Intermediate Fly Line is designed for saltwater fishing in cold, rough water. The slow sink rate gets flies just below the water surface and keeps flies in the strike zone longer. This is great line for stripers and blues. The core of the line is single strand monofilament and the line is available in line weights of 6-10.

Key Features

  • Slow Sink Rate - The line tip sinks at 1.5 inches per second to get the fly below the surface.
  • AST Slickness - The AST coating on this line not only protects the line but also provides added slickness for smoother faster casts.
  • Camo Color - The line has a camo color to decrease visibility in the water, decreasing the likelihood of spooking fish.
  • Welded Loops - There is a welded loop on each end of the line making it easier and quicker to attach backing or a leader multiple times.
  • Orvis Line ID - The line taper, weight and functionality is printed on the line to allow for quick identification of the line when swapping spools or changing line.
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Orvis Hydros Coldwater Intermediate Fly Line · WF · 10 wt · Sinking · Clear Camo / Moss
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Ian Goeing
Ian Goeing
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Cuts right below the surf and has a sink rate of 1.5 ips! Gives you direct connection with your fly so there isn't that awkward slack that floating line gives you when stripping streamers back. Orvis is a reputable line maker and their quality is the number one goal so you shouldn't be disappointed with this line! Cold water salt line and can be used for freshwater too.