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TaylorMade SIM Fairway Wood

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TaylorMade SIM Fairway Wood

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Product details

The SIM Fairway Wood by TaylorMade® is an optimal fairway wood for low- to mid-handicap players who want a high-launching and forgiving fairway wood to get improved carry distance and reach Par 5s in two shots. Whether the club is used to go straight or work the ball, TaylorMade’s SIM (Shape in Motion) provides any player a better experience from the tee or fairway.

Key Features:

  • V-Steel Sole Design – TaylorMade’s iconic V-shaped steel sole design offers players clean turf interaction to get launch from tight lies.

  • Twist Face® Technology – To stabilize mishits on the face, Twist Face employs corrective face angles to prevent mishits from slowing ball speed down.

  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ – Advanced Speed Pocket technology on the club improves low mishit launch and delivers enhanced sole flexibility to act as a spring to punch ball distances farther.

  • ZATECH Ultra-Strong Titanium Face – Engineered for a higher COR (coefficient of restitution—maximizing COR means less energy loss at impact) and ball speeds off the face, the ultra-strong titanium of the club delivers better performance and longer distances.

Club Type
Mitsubishi Diamana FW Limited 75
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