Look Look NX 11 Ski Bindings · 2020


Look Look NX 11 Ski Bindings · 2020

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What it’s good for

Look is a very reputable maker of ski bindings, with the Look NX being no exception. With great balance between retention and elasticity, this binding is not only a safe option but a versatile one. With four points of contact for solid power transmission and multi-directional release in the toe, this a binding that will deliver reliable performance.

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Product details

The Look NX 11 bindings are lightweight, dependable, and budget-friendly. They’re meant for a beginner, intermediate, or lightweight advanced skier.

Key Features:

  • 3.5 To 11 DIN Range – This DIN range accommodates the majority of skiers.

  • Four Contact Points – Four contact points with the ski boot offer maximum power transmission.

  • Elasticity – The 45mm lateral elasticity and 12mm of travel in the heel make for smooth and consistent release.

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