Cobra King Forged Black CB/MB Iron Set

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Cobra King Forged Black CB/MB Iron Set

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You can get these customized to your specs: I can get your wrist to floor measurement to determine the proper adjustments that need to be made for your height. These come with Cobra Connect built into the grips. Track all your shots and distances when you pair the clubs with their smart phone app. It has over 10,000 courses GPS data built into it so you always know where the trouble is even if you’ve never played the course. It gives you your true distances on each of your clubs, so you know exactly what your smart distance is. It takes ego completely out of it. It also has a caddy feature that takes into account slope and weather data powered by Microsoft.

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Product details

The Cobra King Forged Black CM/MB Iron set provides players with muscle back in the scoring irons and cavity back in the longer irons, giving a large variety of players the perfect combination of precision and forgiveness.

Key Features:

  • Progressive Set Composition – Cavity back irons in the 4-6 irons and traditional muscle back in the 7-PW gives more scoring where it’s needed and more forgiveness in the longer clubs.

  • CNC-Milled Face and Grooves – CNC milling offers a more consistent, deeper groove pattern to maximize control and spin throughout the set.

  • DBM Black Finish – Diamonized Black Metal Technology provides wear resistance so the clubs look and feel like new for longer.

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