Cobra KING SpeedZone ONE Length Iron Set

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Cobra KING SpeedZone ONE Length Iron Set

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Designed for the mid-handicap (5-25), moderate to fast swing speed player Cobra's One length concept is a great fit for anyone looking for improved consistency from every iron in the bag. With each iron matching the length and swing weight of the 7-iron, changes to your setup to the ball aren't necessary and you're able to swing on the same swing plane, ultimately having greater control over center ball contact. Through this improved swing control, confidence leads to authority over the varying iron lofts to target any flag or approach. Encapsulated in the most forgiving iron design - using a forged powershell face insert to enlarge the hitting area 35% from the F9, shaping with more heel/toe weighting for lower Cg and higher MOI, and a lightweight medallion to improve sound and feel, One Length merges with Speedzone forgiveness to create one powerful, game-enhancing iron.

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Product details

The Cobra King SPEEDZONE Irons are designed for mid to high handicap golfers looking for more workability and a mid to high ball flight. The clubs are the same length throughout the set.

Key Features:

  • Carbon Fiber Topline – Reducing weight on the top lowers the CG (center of gravity) and increases ball speed for higher, longer flying shots.

  • Forged PWRSHELL Face – A 35% larger sweet spot increases forgiveness and performance on shots hit off center.

  • SpeedBack Shape – Extreme heel and toe weighting maximizes the MOI (Moment of Inertia or, in other words, resistance to twisting) and lowers the center of gravity.

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