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Redington Vice Rod w/ Tube

Redington Vice Rod w/ Tube

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Product details

The Redington Vice Fly Rod with rod tube is a fast-action, affordable rod that beginner to intermediate anglers will enjoy. Designed to be easy to cast, this rod blank has better recovery offering anglers more accurate and further casting. Made to be versatile, this rod can be fished in both fresh and saltwater environments. Key Features:

  • Laser Etched Model On Reel Seat – Quick identification of the rod is easy with the laser etched model number.
  • Lifetime Warranty – This rod comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Protective Rod Tube – This rod features a protective storage case. Use Cases:
  • 3wt 7ft6in (VICE 376-4) is ideal for small streams as an ultralight setup.
  • 3wt 8ft6in (VICE 386-4) is ideal for smaller streams.
  • 4wt 8ft6in (VICE 486-4) is ideal for dry fly fishing.
  • 4wt 9ft (VICE 490-4) is a good dry fly fishing rod.
  • 4wt 10ft (VICE 4100-4) is good for nymphing and applications where an extended reach is preferred.
  • 5wt 8ft6in (VICE 586-4) is a good trout rod for smaller streams.
  • 5wt 9ft (VICE 590-4) is an all-round trout rod.
  • 5wt 9ft6in (VICE 596-4) is a good trout rod with extended reach.
  • 5wt 10ft (VICE 5100-4) is a good trout rod for larger bodies of water or as a boat rod.
  • 6wt 9ft (VICE 690-4) is good for throwing streamers and other large flies.
  • 6wt 9ft (VICE 690-4S) is a good streamer rod with a fighting butt.
  • 6wt 9ft6in (VICE 696-4) is a streamer rod with extended reach.
  • 7wt 9ft (VICE 790-4) is good for smallmouth bass.
  • 7wt 9ft6in (VICE 796-4) is a good steelhead rod.
  • 7wt 10ft (VICE 710-4) is a steelhead rod with extended reach for high sticking or roll casting.
  • 8wt 9ft (VICE 890-4) is good for bass and salmon.
  • 8wt 10ft (VICE 8100-4) is good for striper fishing from the beach.
  • 9wt 9ft (VICE 990-4) is good for stripers and permit.
Single hand
Water type
Grip type
Full wells with fighting butt
Rod material
Carbon fiber, Aluminum
Fly fishing type
Poppers/Big Dries
Fishing type
Fish species
All saltwater species, Redfish, Salmon
Fly fishing technique
Redington Vice Rod w/ Tube
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Top reviews
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Andrew N.
Andrew N.
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

A great, fast-action rod to really cast out bigger flies. Good for big water and big fish.

Chris M.
Chris M.
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Do-all work horse of a rod, will handle everything from hopper dropper and heavy nymph rigs, to small to medium size streamers.

Chris Pinckney
Chris Pinckney
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Saltwater species like stripers and redfish, freshwater salmon, and steelhead.