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Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons

Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons

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Product details

The Launcher UHX Irons are designed for players looking for a combination of distance and accuracy. With more forgiveness in the longer irons and more accuracy in the scoring irons, these clubs provide the best of both worlds.

Key Features:

  • Hollow and Cavity Back Construction – The long irons have a hollow-bodied construction for high launch and forgiveness. The shorter, scoring irons have a cavity back design for more control and accuracy.

  • Variable High Strength Steel Face – HT1770M steel face insert enables more ball speed across the face for more distance and forgiveness on off-center strikes.

  • V-Shaped Sole – Offered throughout the set, this sole design improves the turf interaction to keep speed throughout the strike.

  • Tour Zip Grooves – Combination of the tour zip grooves and laser milling provide maximum spin for more control once the ball hits the turf.

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Top reviews
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Tyler Monroe
Verified golf expert
Reviewed May 26, 2021

An exceptional option for mid to higher handicap players who tend to impact early, like to play hybrids, but have difficulty transitioning from cavity-backed irons to hollow, intended to be swept, hybrids. Using V-shaped soles, an elevated leading edge to cut through the turf, and gradual movement from hollow backed distance producing long irons, to traditional cavity-backed shorter irons to enhance more backspin into the greens, the UHX creates that smoother transition for the iron game. Variable thickness in the face and tour zip grooves also combine to increase overall distance.

Tom Willock
Verified golf expert
Reviewed May 26, 2021

This is a great club for players looking to add distance. The technology used offers a greater sweet spot, and a better result on toe and heel strikes. The combination of hollow bodies in the long irons and classic cavities in the short irons make it perform like a game improvement iron without sacrificing the performance and feel in the scoring clubs.

David Cingel
Verified golf expert
Reviewed May 26, 2021

Of the two iron lines offered by Cleveland currently, the UHX's are a split set geared towards the best of both worlds of forgiveness and precision for mid handicap players. The short irons are cavity back's that offer more shot control to play around the pin with confidence, and the long irons are hollowed utility style to give you some more forgiveness in the longer shots so you wont have fear stepping up to the ball on longer holes. They also have a v-shaped sole, so any mishits you have with fat shots will still travel farther and higher than you'd since the leading edge isn't digging into the turf like you'd see with traditional flat leading edge irons.

  • Mid to high handicappers.
  • Players prone to fat mishits with the incorporation of the v sole.
  • Laser milled grooves that offer plenty of spin and control.
  • Variable thickness steel face offers more forgiveness on mishits.
Kerney Black
Verified golf expert
Reviewed May 26, 2021

Cleveland has historically tried to make the game easier, with some hits and misses in the iron department (wedges and the launcher drivers have always been good), but these are a definite hit. The longer irons (4-7) are more like utility irons (ie crazy forgiving, easy to hit, and supremely high launching and long), while the shorter scoring clubs are more like players cavity backs (but not small or frightening). The result is more precision and feel in the short clubs, but more confidence in the long ones.

Brock G.
Verified golf expert
Reviewed May 26, 2021

These are ideal for the mid-high handicapper looking for hybrid-level forgiveness without the hybrid itself. These are a step above the traditional cavity-back forgiveness; instead, these are hollow-back irons. Using V-shaped soles, an elevated leading edge, and gradual movement from hollow-backed to more cavity-backed, the Launcher UHX irons help create more consistent and forgiving iron play.

Michael Harris
Verified golf expert
Reviewed May 26, 2021

Progressively designed set, geared for easier to hit long irons and precise, but forgiving short irons. This set feels good in your hands and feels solid through impact. Game-improvement technology helps straighten out the slice and create more trajectory and distance with the long irons.

Eric Hallberg
Verified golf expert
Reviewed May 26, 2021

Perfect blend of distance and accuracy. Hollow long irons for explosive distance and cavity back short irons for precision. Made the Golf Digest HotList coming just shy of winning gold. An under the radar sleeper iron, that'll compete with any other game improvement iron.

Robert Presley
Verified golf expert
Reviewed May 26, 2021

Fantastic forgiving irons. Progressive sizing means the long irons act more like utilities and are hollow and have a great spring effect. While the short irons (8-PW) are more compact shaped, and designed for precision. These have received rave reviews!

Mike Gormley
Verified golf expert
Reviewed May 26, 2021

This iron is super long, amongst the longest irons in its group. Cleveland often flies under the radar, in particular with it's irons. They offer great feel and really competitive performance for a solid price.

John Barrile
Verified golf expert
Reviewed May 26, 2021

Players that like to sweep their hybrids/irons. Cleveland does a good job of making a recreational golfers equipment. Much easier to hit than what tour players are gaming.