Cobra F-MAX Combo Set

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Cobra F-MAX Combo Set

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What it’s good for

An excellent combo iron/hybrid set for the moderate swing speed player, higher handicap player, or new golfer, looking for a forgiving iron built lighter to max out clubhead speeds to increase launch, and assist players who need hybrids to replace tougher longer iron shots to achieve productive distance. Deep undercut cavity irons and low profile shaping increases MOI and control over accuracy and lighter graphite and steel options improve overall distance. Back heel weighting and offset hybrid design both work to slow slice spin gearing shots towards the target while a lower center of gravity from a shallow face optimizes launch for deeper distance. Stock set options include 7 clubs and are comprised of 4H(22 degrees), and 5H(25 degrees), and 6-iron through Pitching Wedge in regular flex, and 5H, and 6H(28 degrees), and 7-Pitching Wedge in lite flex.

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Product details

The Airspeed Combo Set is designed to increase height and distance for players with more moderate swing speeds.

Key Features:

  • Offset Design – Extra offset throughout the bag assists players who struggle with a slice square the face and hit straighter shots.

  • Progressive Hosel Lengths – The irons provide longer hosels in the short irons and shorter hosels in the long irons to move the CG (center of gravity) location around for optimal performance for every type of shot.

Club Type
Iron Set Type
Combo Set
Model year
Airspeed 45
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