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Callaway PM Grind Platinum Chrome Wedge 2019

Callaway PM Grind Platinum Chrome Wedge 2019

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Product details

Combining the minds of Roger Cleveland and Phil Mickelson, the PM Grind is for players looking for high performance and a unique look.

Key Features:

  • Increased Offset – Increasing the offset of the club provides a player with more versatility when hitting different types of short game shots.

  • Higher Toe – Increasing the toe moves the center of gravity higher, letting the player hit lower shots on full and partial swings.

  • C Grind Sole – C Grind in the sole of the club offers maximum versatility from all sorts of lies, allowing a player to hit any shot they need.

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Top reviews
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Ryan Kern
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jun 2, 2021

The focus of this wedge design was to hit three distinct shots: The Knockdown (low trajectory ball flight with high spin), The Hop & Stop (pitch that hits, hops once or twice and stops), and the infamous Flop Shot (pitch that flies high and lands soft). To help promote these shots the PM Grind wedge features three unique characteristics: High toe design, increased offset on the head, and 20° offset micro grooves. This raises the center of gravity to help players flight the ball low, medium and high on full and partial swings. The offset micro grooves help increase spin when the wedge is laid open. The C-Grind sole has relief on the heel and toe which allows you to hit crisp shots around the green whether you like to hit it square or open the face and hit it high and soft. This is probably the most versatile wedge on the market.

Tyler Monroe
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jun 2, 2021

An ideal wedge for a wide array of players looking for a high performing wedge with tremendous versatility and forgiveness to attack any pin from any green-side or approach location. A collaborative effort from Roger Cleveland and Phil Mickleson, this wedge combines an increased offset and high-toe design to raise the center of gravity for more control of trajectory and on more of the face than a typical wedge shape offers. C-Grind relief on the sole of the wedges at the heel, toe, and trailing edge allow for versatility in shot options, add along with Groove-in-Groove Technology (Micro-grooves machined into the face at a 20degree angle), promote cleaner contact and increased spin.

Gabriel Bello
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jun 2, 2021

These full face grind wedges are so easy to use and will get you out of the worse lies in golf; believe me, I've been in them. Whether you're hitting full swing approach shots, bunker shots, chips around the green, or giving it the ole Phil Flop, these wedges are great. Having the full face grind allows you to open up the face and play flops or bunker shots with ease while still generating an incredible amount of spin.

Kyle Enrique
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jun 21, 2021

Higher bounce will allow for better turf interaction and prevent the leading edge from digging in all lie situations and that dreaded chunk. The PM grind is as versatile as they come and let you play around with opening or closing the face to work your desired shot shape as you get more experienced and comfortable with it around the greens!

Rebecca Kerry
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jun 2, 2021

Filling the gap in the bag and those shots around the green or approach shots into the green. This is probably the most versatile wedge on the market right now.

Jordan Harter
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jun 2, 2021

This club is excellent around the green and out of bunkers. The high 60 degree loft makes flop shots more accessible and playable for players of any caliber.

Luke H.
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jun 2, 2021

Close shots around the green and approach shots from the fairway.