Cobra King SPEEDZONE Driver

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Cobra King SPEEDZONE Driver

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What it’s good for

A great tool for the lower 0-10 handicap player who wants a powerful driver which they can adjust center of gravity weight ports to enable shot shaping to corner doglegs or move around trees. Featuring all the advancing Speedzones - Power, Strength, Low CG, Light, Aerodynamic, and Stability - an expanded infinity face improves ballspeeds off more of the face then the F9, shape changes achieve greater clubhead speeds, CNC milling for variable face thickness increases COR, and 10% more carbon fiber wrap the T-bar chassis and allow an added 6.3 grams to be displaced to the heel and toe for even greater MOI than the previous F9. Top quality shaft options complete the formula for sheer speed and mark a compelling follow up to the heralded F9 driver.

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Product details

The King SpeedZone driver is one of the most forgiving drivers on the market. Designed for players looking to fine tune ball flight without losing forgiveness.

Key Features:

  • CNC Milled Infinity Face – This milled face increases the milled area by 95%, producing more ball speed across the entire face.

  • Titanium T-Bar Chassis – This design decreases the amount of overall titanium needed which creates a stronger frame without increasing weight.

  • 360 Carbon Wrap Crown – Carbon covers 50% of the club’s body, adding stiffness to the chassis while also reducing weight, allowing 25g of discretionary weight to be used to increase forgiveness.

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