Smith Scout MIPS Helmet · 2021


Smith Scout MIPS Helmet · 2021

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Product details

The Smith Scout MIPS Helmet is a safe and stylish, budget-friendly helmet option.

Key Features:

  • MIPS® Technology – MIPS technology allows the frame of the helmet to move without applying torque to the head, which minimizes the risk of neck injuries.

  • Ventilation – The strategically-placed ventilation controls the temperature of the helmet and moves warm air away from your goggles.

  • Adjustable Fit – A self-adjusting fit flexes to fit your head.

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What it’s good for

Smith Goggles have removable ear pieces for different fit and style options. Flat, black, clean-looking brain bucket. MIPS is the new technology keeping skiers and riders safe. The design is built to have the helmet and liner rattle instead of your brain.

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