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DC Lotus BOA  Women's Snowboard Boots · 2020

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DC Lotus BOA Women's Snowboard Boots · 2020

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Product details

A medium/stiff boot geared towards intermediate to advanced women riders, the Lotus BOA® by DC is a lightweight, ultra-adjustable boot for any part of the mountain. Designed to be softer and lighter while still holding up to aggressive riding, the Lotus provides firm support and good flex without sacrificing comfort.

Key Features:

  • White Liner – The heat moldable, memory foam/fleece liner in the Mora is designed to mesh maximum comfort with maximum performance. A 180 degree powerstrap provides extra support in the top of the boot, and the multi-layer construction guarantees out-of-the-box comfort.

  • H3 Double BOA® System – The BOA system on the boot offers the most micro-adjustable fit available and eliminates the hassle of dealing with laces on the mountain.

  • Impact S Insole – The insole has been designed to minimize shock from impacts, providing better control and more comfort than other models.

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What it’s good for

One of the most important things in keeping people snowboarding for years is the combination of comfort and performance. That comes in the form of high-quality boots. DC has been making comfortable, moldable, and high-performing boots that don't break the bank and have a stylish look. This model is a medium-stiff boot that allows intermediate riders to explore the whole mountain and will hold up as you progress to more aggressive terrain.

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