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Blizzard Black Pearl 98 Skis · 2020

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Product details

The Black Pearl 98 is a playful and trustworthy, all-mountain ski that shines in soft or variable snow. It’s for a skier who spends most of their time off-piste but finds themselves on groomers and hardpack often enough to want reliable performance there too.

Key Features:

  • Rocker/Camber/Rocker – Rocker in the tip and tail make for easy turn initiation and improved flotation in powder, while camber underfoot ensures edge hold and stability at speed.

  • 98mm Waist Width – At 98mm underfoot, this ski can handle fresh snow and is still enjoyable on hardpack. Great as a West Coast daily driver.

  • Poplar/Beech Core – Poplar and beech make for an energetic and responsive platform to ski on.

  • Carbon Flipcore – A carbon frame adds strength and stability without making the ski heavy.

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Top reviews
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Alex Madden
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Oct 12, 2020

Blizzard’s ultra-popular quiver-of-one design that can take you from groomers to trees to moguls. Low weight increases their maneuverability on moguls and in the trees and they have no trouble holding an edge on the firmer stuff. Rockered tips and a 98mm waist width mean they are ready for the deep days as well. A bit more flex than the Kore 99 allows for a more relaxed style of skiing.

Jan Waszczuk
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Oct 14, 2020

Carbon in the tips and tails reduces weight where it matters most, while a partial titanium layer starts full underfoot and tapers in the tips and tails as it meets the carbon. This further reduces weight, but results in a little bit softer of a ski. A 14m turn radius makes this ski very snappy.

Mikaela C.
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Oct 14, 2020

Confidence to explore the entire mountain regardless of terrain or conditions knowing you'll be able to work through it all with a stiffer ski with superior edge grip and the dampness to not make you buck off your bronco.

Mariah Wear
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Oct 6, 2020

These are an incredible all mountain ski and are so well designed that the men's version was actually modeled on it! 98mm underfoot, fairly stiff - but playful enough to enjoy the powder!

Sloan Covington
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Sep 22, 2020

Very popular women's ski. Great all-around width at 98 underfoot and a super fun ski. Stable yet playful and wide enough in the soft fluffy stuff.

Ethan Scherer
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Oct 9, 2020

Anything - great for skiers that are looking to progess in the sport and want security and stability when hitting new speeds and pushing themself.