Fischer Ranger 94 FR Skis

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Fischer Ranger 94 FR Skis

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Product details

The Ranger 94 FR is for intermediate skiers who spend most of their time on groomed terrain, but are looking to venture off the beaten path more frequently.

Key Features:

  • Rocker/Camber/Rocker Profile – Rocker in the tip and tail makes for easy turn initiation and improved flotation in powder, while camber underfoot ensures edge hold and stability at speed.

  • 94mm Waist – At 94mm underfoot, this ski won’t shy away from a little fresh snow, but is designed to still handle hard snow conditions well.

  • Air Tec Core – A milled core is 25% lighter without sacrificing significant stability resulting in a lighter, more intuitive ride.

  • Carbon Tip – Carbon in the nose of the ski makes it light to plane on fresh snow and initiate into turns with ease and confidence.

Trees, Powder, Jumps
Model year
Ski Type
All Mountain
Ski bend
Tail Type
Twin tip
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What it’s good for

A snappy ski built with precision and energy to spare, the Ranger 94 FR is part of Fischer's Freeride series for serious all-mountain riding. These planks were engineered to excel at everything the mountain has to offer - carving down groomers, venturing off-trail, navigating through trees, and lacing tight moguls. This energetic ski will practically get you airborne between turns if you push it hard enough, while its generous rocker profile and twinned tips make it easy to release from turns and perform above its class in powder and chop. It is also fairly lightweight to help keep your leg muscles from becoming too Jell-o-ey after a long day on the slopes. A great choice for intermediate skiers who want to hone their skills across the whole mountain, and for advanced skiers who are looking for a ski they can push hard and reap the rewards.

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