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Never Summer Harpoon Snowboard

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Never Summer Harpoon Snowboard

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Product details

The Never Summer Harpoon is a directional medium flex, volume shifted board that is meant to be ridden shorter than your typical-sized snowboard. Geared for intermediates and above, it has a tapered tail, big nose, and mid-fat waist that gives it a surfy feel in the powder and an agile feel on the groomers.

Key Features:

  • Extended Transition Area – A small flat section is added to the snowboard profile in the nose to help improve turn initiation and float in powder.

  • Vario Power Grip Sidecut – This sidecut utilizes multiple radii to create extra contact points along the edge of the board to increase edge hold.

  • NS Superlight Wood Core – The core features a custom blend of wood species designed to be the lightest weight, yet most durable.

  • STS Pretensioned Fiberglass – The fiberglass on this board has been pretensioned to produce the same feel from day 1 on day 300. Added elastomer stringers provide a stronger bond between the individual glass laminates to increase the strength, performance, and edge hold of the board.

Model year
Snowboard Expert Charles Schembre
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What it’s good for

One of the most versatile boards ever made that is an absolute powder dream. A directional board. It has a decent taper from nose to tail giving it a natural surfy feel in the powder and when laying down trenches on the groomers. Carving is one its top features. The Fusion Rocker Camber has a camber under the feet and rocker in-between the feet, with a more aggressive camber under the back foot giving a super snappy ability coming out of turns. This board is wide and it has the flex and stability to do just about anything on the mountain...and yes you can even throw down some big jumps in the park if you so desire. Any level could ride this board, but it is definitely designed for the experienced rider.

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