Atomic Shift 10 MNC Ski Bindings · 2024

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Color: Black/White
Brake width (mm)
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By the Expert Community

If you're just getting into backcountry with a bit of side country or some local hikes at your usual resort, this is the best of both worlds. These are lightweight for bindings that have a traditional downhill mode. True ATK bindings will always be the lightest option, of course - but these really are a fantastic compromise between performance and weight. YOU'LL NEED HYBRID TOURING BOOTS! But they've gotten so good lately that you can easily make a hybrid boot your only boot on the mountain.

I was skeptical of how they'd perform compared to my beefier Marker Jesters, and I truly didn't hold back on my downhill turns. Even though they max out at 10 din, I never had an accidental release (OK - I did once, but that was because a subpar shop worker forgot to set the rear din after mounting them - SHAME ON HIM!) Of course, if you're a high-level expert shredding cliffs in the Rockies, you may want to opt for the higher din model of these, but for most mortals, these are just great.

They can be a tad tricky transitioning from uphill to downhill mode - especially with gloves on - but the learning curve is quite small. One small gripe - I wish it were a bit easier to raise and lower the heel rise with my pole. But a small gripe for an otherwise excellent system. My wife and I both mounted them to our fatty Ripsticks and loved them.

Ideal for
  • Lightweight
  • Ease of Use
  • Great Backcountry Option
Not ideal for
  • Din maxes out at 10
  • Can be a tad delicate
  • A tad tricky to operate with gloves

The Atomic Shift 10 MN Ski Bindings are the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy both touring and freeride skiing without having to compromise on performance. With full touring and freeride capability in one, this binding is a genuine tech binding for hiking complete with pins. The hike/ride switch allows you to easily switch between ski mode and hiking mode, making it easy to transition from uphill to downhill skiing. Compatible with all ISO normed boots on the market – alpine and touring, these bindings offer versatility like no other.

Key Features:

  • Full Touring and Freeride Capability: The Atomic Shift 10 MN Ski Bindings offer full touring and freeride capability in one, making them perfect for those who want the best of both worlds.
  • Genuine Tech Binding: These bindings are a genuine tech binding for hiking complete with pins, allowing you to easily hike up mountains without compromising on performance.
  • Hike/Ride Switch: The hike/ride switch allows you to easily switch between ski mode and hiking mode, making it easy to transition from uphill to downhill skiing.
  • Compatible with All ISO Normed Boots: These bindings are compatible with all ISO normed boots on the market – alpine and touring, offering versatility like no other.
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Shannon provided some awesome service. Super friendly and very helpful. Can tell she knows her stuff about skis. We need more people like Shannon in the retail industry. Definitely came away from our chat with peace of mind and some sick product recs. Give Shannon 7 days paid vacation to go shred she deserves it :)
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Daniela was very good at incorporating her experiences with equipment to answer my questions. She was very responsive to my concerns and all of the interactions were helpful. She knows the Curated resources very well and also shared many of those throughout my search. I highly recommend her.
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Alex is the best!!! 💯🙌🏻
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I’m brand new to snowboarding (but have done other board sports🏄🏻‍♀️🛹) and know nothing about snowboarding! I’m so thankful for Alex because he was able to find me the perfect board, bindings and boots - all within my budget! He also was able to answer all my questions and get back to me fast! On top of which he checked on me after I received my products to ensure everything fit right and was to my liking which I really appreciate! 😊 Lastly he reminded me of my credits that I had from my first purchase and recommend multiple options for things I can spend it on that are easily forgotten about when your new to snowboarding (even though they’re kinda important - such as gloves, goggles, travel case, etc). Definitely will be recommending Alex to all my friends who are interested in getting into snowboarding and for other friends who are planning on changing snowboards but not sure what is best for them! And for sure will be a returning client - when it’s time to change my gear! 😊🏂
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