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Lib Tech Travis Rice Orca Snowboard

Lib Tech Travis Rice Orca Snowboard

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Product specs
Sintered Base
Wood Core
Snowboard bend
Snowboard shape
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    Top reviews
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    Avery Lloyd
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

    As you can see in the name, this board is a predator. Designed by world renowned freerider, Travis Rice... the Orca rips through powder and cuts up groomers like there's no tomorrow. The pop on this board is rather powerful, so if you want to take flight, look no further. The rocker underside is gonna add some stability and speed. Also it has magne-traction (patented serrated edging) that allows for an amazing edge hold.

    Bobby Chadderton
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Apr 1, 2021

    Snorkeling through powder and hauling down groomers. Travis Rice won the Freeride World Tour on this board last year, and it was one of 2020's best sellers by a long shot. It's a volume-shifted board with a wider waist than your typical snowboard. That means you'll wanna size down slightly. Sizing down in length will also have an added bonus of giving you even more maneuverability.

    Brianna Dornisch
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 28, 2021

    It is Travis Rice's powder board- doesn't that say it all? It can take on EVERYTHING. Drop any cliff- no problem. Pow turns with ease? Check! Rocker-camber-rocker for supreme versatility and flex. Magne-traction technology by Lib for best of the best when it comes to edgehold. Unreal everywhere you want to take it, but in the powder, man, you'll be floatin'!

    Max Baron
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 15, 2021

    The all-around bomber. Hard charging on the choppy groomers, side country styles and all around fun. This board makes you feel good while having room for error. Because the effective edge is not as long as other hard carvers, you can pop in and out of turns with ease. The shape and camber of the board allows for high speed control even through chop.

    Charles Schembre
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 25, 2021

    All mountain freeride that can slay just about anything. Lib Tech's rocker camber C2 profile with a tapered shape will give you lots of control and a surfy feel. Very stable in all conditions and a dream to ride off piste. A directional board with a bit of set back, so it will perform really well in powder.

    Sam B.
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Feb 20, 2021

    This board has quickly become one of the most sought after boards on the market. That's for good reason, as it is a blast to ride in pow. The setback inserts and the fat nose are great for floating and kicking up huge slashes when you get into the deep stuff!

    Jon Kunkler
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Feb 20, 2021

    The Orca is an all-terrain shredding beast. It eats up powder and rails the trails. Ride anything.

    • short/fat, size it down 3-6cm
    • on the stiffer side of med/stiff
    • wide yet has a deep sidecut for that balance of float and great turn response
    Andrew Vellekamp
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Feb 28, 2021

    It is Travis Rice's powder board! I think that says a lot about what this board can handle. In other words — everything! Drop any cliff, no problem! Pow turns with ease, check. The hybrid camber even has enough grip to lay a trench on a groomer.

    Ian Bone
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Feb 20, 2021

    Absolutely demolishing any type of pow riding you do like pillows or steeps — you name it — it will kill it. Has Lib Techs Magne-traction which digs into tough surfaces for better edge hold in icy or hardpacked situations.

    Adam E
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 15, 2021

    Great in powder yet will still hold a mean edge on groomers. The magne-traction edges hold better than most in even the iciest conditions. This board can be sized down a bit making for a fun agile ride through the trees.