NAKTO City Electric Bicycle 250W 36V 10A for Women 26 inch CAMEL White


NAKTO City Electric Bicycle 250W 36V 10A for Women 26 inch CAMEL White

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Made for the city. Kickstand for easy parking and basket for items or groceries. Very comfortable upright position and springs under seat for smoother rides over rough streets. Great for light exercise, running around the corner quick, getting fresh air or avoiding a cab. Rear rack for holding larger items as well. Fenders keep water away from you on a rainy day or while going through puddles.

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Product details

Ride through town without a care or turn your daily commute into your new daily highlight with the NAKTO Camel. Built with an efficient and comfortable hybrid design, the Camel is an excellent bike for any riders looking for an efficient commuter or an easy to love electric bike for their leisurely rides.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid StepThru Frame – Easy to ride and dismount thanks to the Camel’s step-thru style frame, which also keeps riders upright and comfortable for daily commuting or leisurely ride.

  • Electric Motor Drive – A 250W motor with a 36V battery keeps riding efficient with pedal and cadence assistance.

  • Shimano Drivetrain – Shimano 6-speed drive group helps riders find the perfect riding gear so that they’re not relying solely on the battery.

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