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Blizzard Sheeva 10 Skis · 2021

Blizzard Sheeva 10 Skis · 2021

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Product details

The Blizzard Sheeva 10 is a stable and versatile all-mountain ski for advanced and expert skiers. The Sheeva is meant for someone who skis all sorts of terrain and conditions.

Key Features:

  • 102mm Waist Width – At 102mm underfoot, the Sheeva will shine in soft and variable snow.

  • Multilayer Wood Core – A multilayer wood core blends damp and stable wood underfoot with lighter and more forgiving wood in the tip and tail. This makes a ski that can be stable at speed and enjoyable in tighter terrain.

  • Carbon – Carbon is added for dampness and stability without weight.

  • Titanal – Titanal is added for energy and rebound through turns.

  • Rocker / Camber / Rocker Profile – Rocker in the tip and tail make for easy turn initiation and improved flotation in powder, while camber underfoot ensures edge hold and stability at speed.

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    Top reviews
    Would an expert recommend this for you?
    Jack Gidre
    Verified ski expert
    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

    This ski is great off-piste and has a relatively short turn radius. (This makes turning super easy when it gets tight in the trees and bumps!) It has great stability at speed and really charges all over the mountain. Not to mention these skis rule in the deep stuff, no matter where you take these, you are bound to have a top-notch time.

    Colin Evans
    Verified ski expert
    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

    Everything you throw at 'em! The stiff camber underfoot allows for great edge control and stability at higher speed or on choppier snow. The flexible tip and tail, rocker, and lightness keep them very nimble and poppy. The ends of your skis will feel forgiving and light, and the middle is there for you to access when things get more intense. These allow you to change how and what you are skiing at the drop of a hat. Go from snaking trees and moguls with fresh snow, to arching a turn on icy hardpack without missing a beat.

    James D
    Verified ski expert
    Reviewed Feb 15, 2021

    At 102mm underfoot these girls live in the thicker side of the all-mountain category. The partial Titanal® layer will give you some serious stability when you're blasting through choppy conditions but not weigh you down when the snow is deep and fresh. If you're dreaming of powder and like to skip the days with crummy conditions, the Sheevas are a great pick for powder hounds!

    Drew Eisenhower
    Verified ski expert
    Reviewed Mar 1, 2021

    Very versatile option that can perform in fresh snow and hold an edge and be an engaging carver. Partial metal laminate keeps things smooth in variable snow but lighter tips keep the ski maneuverable in tight spots. Can be driven or skied from a centered stance if you don't want to constantly drive your skis.

    Tyler Kizner
    Verified ski expert
    Reviewed Mar 21, 2021

    This is a playful ski and fun ski that will hold it's own when conditions are less than ideal. Metal underfoot helps the ski feel damp and stable in crud, hard pack or carving down groomers but the soft tip and tail also make this ski exceptional in bumps, trees and powder.

    Eliot G
    Verified ski expert
    Reviewed Feb 11, 2021

    Float! With the wider underfoot and soft tips and tails, the Sheevas will be a dream come true in the powder. The metal laminate is light enough that you can still make this a touring ski and strong enough that you won't be sacrificing any stability.

    Theo G
    Verified ski expert
    Reviewed Feb 15, 2021

    Everything. I'd trust these skis in any condition, and am completely confident they can handle anything that you can throw at them. They will truly excel, however, in powder and soft snow, with a rockered, light tip giving plenty of float.

    Patrick Graham
    Verified ski expert
    Reviewed Feb 18, 2021

    The one ski that can do it all at 102mm underfoot. Performs best in soft snow conditions. Playful and forgiving, but the tapered titanal layer under the boot gives you the stability in holding your edge at speed.

    Aaron Bandler
    Verified ski expert
    Reviewed Feb 17, 2021

    Going from on-piste to off-piste without even thinking about it. Metal laminate underfoot makes this very very stable at speed, but not heavy. And it's wide enough for great powder performance as well.

    Virginia G.
    Verified ski expert
    Reviewed Feb 15, 2021

    It will have great float in powder and excel on those transitions between groomers and the deep stuff on the sides! With easy turn initiation, you'll also like them if you want to play in the trees.