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Bataleon Blow Snowboard · 2021

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Bataleon Blow Snowboard · 2021

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Product details

The Bataleon Blow Snowboard is a park slayer that’s ideal for riders of all skill levels. Beginner riders will appreciate the soft flex for learning butter tricks and advanced riders can use the board’s flex to step up their jib game.

Key Features:

  • 3BT™ – Bataleon’s triple base technology where low–angle board uplift sections begin outside the bindings for decreased risk of hangups while jibbing and ease of turn initiation through groomers and powder.
  • Soft Flex – This flex is best for beginner riders or more freestyle–minded riders who like a flexy and surfy feel in the park and on the rest of the mountain.
  • True Twin – This board has the same shape and flex at the nose and tail, so it can be ridden switch and feel/handle the same as it rides regular.
  • Shock Walls – Urethane infused sidewalls that absorb impact to make for a smoother, riding experience.
Model year
Snowboard Expert Hannah S.
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What it’s good for

This board is a true park and jib board designed with 'less frills' and 'no nonsense' in mind. Beginner - Intermediate board with an eye on staying in the park, getting spinny, jumpy and riding those rails. Will be fun on the rest of the mountain but may chatter at higher speeds. About as flexible as they come - 2/10.

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