Ride Heartbreaker Snowboard · 2021

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Ride Heartbreaker Snowboard · 2021

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What it’s good for

This boards shape helps with turn initiation and will hold a nice grip for you!! Personally feel that RIDE makes quality gear that will last you. You will always have a good time riding this board! Meant for beginner to intermediates looking to progress those skills and hit the next level!

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Product details

The Ride Heartbreaker Snowboard is a true twin, all-mountain snowboard suited for women riders of all skill levels. It would be a great first board because of its mellow flex.

Key Features:

  • Twin Hybrid Rocker – Rocker/Camber/Rocker; this twin profile has more rocker than camber for surfy turns and grip when you need it.

  • Soft Flex – This flex is best for beginner riders or more freestyle-minded riders who like a flexy and surfy board in the park and on the rest of the mountain.

  • True Twin Shape – This board has the same shape and flex at the nose and tail, so it can be ridden switch and feel/handle the same as it rides regular.

  • Slimewalls® – Ride’s proprietary urethane sidewalls are forgiving and pliable, so they absorb impact instead of deflect it.

  • Stone Ground Extruded Base – The tough base is easy to maintain and repair.

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