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Salomon Sleepwalker Snowboard

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Salomon Sleepwalker Snowboard

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Product details

The Sleepwalker snowboard by Salomon is a soft flex, nimble park shredder best for riders who spend most of their time in the terrain park.

Key Features:

  • Rock Out Camber – The board features flat camber between the bindings, traditional camber in front of the feet, and rocker at the tips for freestyle forgiveness and butterability.

  • Soft Flex – Soft flex is best for beginner riders or more freestyle-minded riders who like a flexy and surfy board in the park and on the rest of the mountain.

  • Rubber Pads – 2mm rubber pads are inserted in the high pressure areas of the sidewall, which helps reduce vibrations and rider fatigue.

  • Extruded EG Base – The board has a tough base that is easy to maintain and repair.

Extruded Base
Wood Core
Snowboard bend
Snowboard shape
True Twin
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