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Temple Fork Outfitters Trout-Panfish Rod

Temple Fork Outfitters Trout-Panfish Rod

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Rod length
Line weight
4 - 8 lb
2 - 6 lb
Ultra light
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This is an excellent rod for trout and panfish anglers, especially when using small micro-jigs. This is a versatile rod. I fish small streams with it and I've had success using a variety of lures, but I've loved it for fishing small jigs. I use the 7ft ultralight version, but for the waters I fish, I think that the 6' or 5'6" options would have been ideal. Even with the 7' rod, I found that it was able to make accurate casts which is crucial in small streams with lots of rocks and bushes along the bank. I did, however find that I wasn't able to get the casting distance that I had expected with it, but in the waters that I was fishing, it wasn't a big issue. I also tried using it to target bass on a ned rig, but it didn't quite have the power needed to get a good hookset, at least on the ned jig heads that I was using.

All in all, this is an excellent spinning rod for ultralight anglers who need an affordable rod that's lightweight and sensitive, and is capable of making accurate casts at relatively short distances.

Conventional Fishing Expert Matthew W.
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Overall ratings
(4.2/5) 2 Expert reviews
  • Performance: Soft, fast tip for easy hooksets
  • Versatility: It's perfect for my spinners, spoons, jigs, and micro-crankbaits
  • Quality: Sensitive, balanced blank feels durable and well-designed
  • Casting Ease: I wasn't able to get the casting distance I expected
Conventional Fishing Expert Matthew W.
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details

Anglers who target small species with light tackle will find Temple Fork Outfitters' ultralight Trout and Panfish Rod will suit their needs. Designed with quality in mind, this affordable spinning rod allows anglers to fish a variety of lightweight lures like in-line spinners, spoons, and micro jigs. Key Features:

  • Graphite Rod Blank – The ultralight blank is lightweight and sensitive, allowing anglers to feel what the lure is doing and detect underwater structure.
  • Fast-Action Tip – The soft tip will enable anglers to make long casts and have easy hooksets.
  • Cork Grip – The attractive cork split-grip gives anglers a steady grip even when wet.
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Matthew W.
Matthew W.
Conventional Fishing Expert
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This is an excellent ultralight and light power rod series in lengths from 5'6" to 7' for all panfish species, like crappie, trout, and small bass species. The rod lengths are great for those fishing from a in open water, as well as those fishing from shore in covered streams. These rods also come in 1-piece models or 2-piece models that are easy to transport when backpacking and hiking. The are exceptionally well made from high end materials and an affordable price. The are super lightweight, easy to cast, and very durable.

  • -Excellent ultralight/light rods for panfish, trout, and small bass
  • -Quality made rods with easy casting for those small baits
  • -Models available for use in open water and small streams
  • -These rods are not meant for big game species or saltwater use, but can be used for light inshore use
  • -Because they are ultralight and light power rods, they can be damaged if they are not cared for
  • -Traveling and hiking can be troublesome with the 1-piece rods, but there are 2-piece options for those needing a great rod for backpacking
Temple Fork Outfitters Trout-Panfish Rod
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