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Srixon ZX7 Irons · Right handed · Steel · Extra Stiff · 4-PW

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Dominant hand
Left handed
Right handed
Shaft flex
Extra stiff
Set Makeup
Shaft Material
Shaft name
Nippon N.S. PRO Modus 3 Tour 120
KBS C-Taper
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Evan Mendyk, Golf Expert
Christopher Colburn, Golf Expert
Jess P., Golf Expert
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Best for low-handicap golfers seeking feel, workability, and minimal forgiveness in a sleek classic design.

Great for
  • FeelSoft feel on all approach shots, solid forged feeling
  • WorkabilityEasy to work the ball in any direction
  • LaunchGreat launch, easy to control the ball flight
  • SoundVery pure sound at impact
Good for
  • ForgivenessSome forgiveness in a small cavity back
  • DistanceStandard lofts, doesn't focus on adding distance
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Aaron Rogers, Golf Expert
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Ideal for the accomplished player who is seeking a meticulously designed, compact shaped, and pure feeling iron they can chart to any target. Single-piece forging merged with progressive grooves and V-shaped soles provide serious players an aesthetically pleasing and workable iron.

Key Features:

  • Tour Cavity – Positioning added mass at the perimeter and behind the hitting area delivers remarkably soft feel and uncompromised workability.
  • Progressive Grooves – Deepening grooves in the 8-iron through Pitching Wedge produce sharper spin to stop faster on the greens for pinpoint distance precision.
  • Tour V.T. Sole – Sole notches within V-Shaped soles glide efficiently through any turf delivering the club to the ball despite early impact.
  • Multi-Piece Construction – Added tungsten in the toe of the long to mid-irons increases the MOI and stability of the iron while a forged 1020 Carbon Steel body works to dampen vibrations for a pure, soft feel.
Aaron Rogers, Golf Expert
Zac P., Golf Expert
Michael Schmitz, Golf Expert
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4.96 average rating

Dominant handRight handed
Shaft flexExtra stiff
Shaft MaterialSteel
Iron Set TypeIron Set
Player typePlayers
Shaft launchLow-Mid
Shaft spinLow
Shaft weight114g
Grip nameGolf Pride Tour Velvet 360
Used (Y/N)No
Club TypeIrons
Shaft nameNippon N.S. PRO Modus 3 Tour 120
Model year2021
Grip butt size0.58"
Grip weight52g
Shaft tip diameter0.355
Swing weightD3
Set Makeup4-PW
Number of clubs7
Age GroupAdult
ItemClub lengthLie angleLoft degreesOffset degreesSwing weight (steel)

Jess P. owns this product
ZX7 irons are best for the low-handicap golfer looking for an incredible feel, classic looks, minimal offset, sleek design, and workability on any style golf course. I've owned my Srixon Zx7 irons for more than two years now. They still look and feel as good as the day I bought them. I don't get to play often anymore, but every... Read more
Ideal for
  • Workability, classic looks, amazing feel and a level of forgiveness over standard bladed style irons.
  • Best suited for the low handicap golfer looking to work the ball both ways easily.
  • Amazing soft feel and spin on all approach shots into the green.
Not ideal for
  • This iron isn't for the mid to high handicap golfer seeking max forgiveness.
  • ZX7 irons have standard lofts which might not appeal to golfers looking to add distance.
  • Minimal offset and will not help the golfer who needs offset to help fight a slice or square the club up at impact.
Reviewed by:
Jess P.
Golf Expert
John B. owns this product
Srixon Zx7s have been in my bag for over 10 rounds and I was fit for them with KBS $ Taper 120 shafts in early 2022. These irons are hands down the best feeling iron I have ever hit, better than any Mizuno I've tested (Shots fired, I know). Predictable distance is so important in golf. There... Read more
Ideal for
  • Buttery soft feel at impact
  • Excellent ability to shape the ball
  • Predictable distance (no jumpers/fliers)
Not ideal for
  • Still a players iron, not overly forgiving
  • Workability needs to be controlled (can over draw or fade)
  • Heel strikes are most punishing
Reviewed by:
John B.
Golf Expert
Evan Mendyk owns this product
The srixon zx7 irons are a great set for low handicap players looking for forgiveness and workability. I have okay this set from 3-pm for the past year and a half and I am blown away by the performance. These clubs look great and have a slim look but also have forgiveness. The ability to work the ball is great... Read more
Ideal for
  • Great look and feel
  • Consistent performance
  • Shot shaping
Not ideal for
  • Forgiveness
  • Small iron head
Reviewed by:
Evan Mendyk
Golf Expert
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What is the value for the money versus other options?The Srixon zx7 irons have great value for their price and performance. I think these irons are one of the...read more
Evan Mendyk
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Evan Mendyk
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Evan Mendyk
Golf Expert
What is the difference between Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 irons?The main difference is that the ZX5 irons are aimed toward mid to high handicap and ZX7 irons are aimed...read more
Jorge Arteta
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What handicap are ZX7 irons for?Srixon has 3 models of ZX series Irons, this will answer what is best for low handicap players. Srixon ZX7...read more
Daniel Merz
Golf Expert
When did srixon ZX7 irons come out?The Srixon ZX7 Irons were designed for the accomplished player who is seeking a meticulously designed, compact shaped, and pure...read more
Jared T.
Golf Expert

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would recommend this product

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Great irons!

Posted on Sep 6, 2023
I've been very happen with my Srixon ZX7 irons. They have great feel and I especially love the V sole. Nippon N.S. Pro MODUS3 Tour 120 stiff shaft is awesome for me. I played DG S300 for many years, but I have better dispersion with Nippon shafts. Curated people were great to work with too.
JohnLocation: Nashville, TN
I would recommend to a friend
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Why second guess your equipment? Let a pro work it out!
5 /5
Shelby was thorough, I felt she was guided by my interests and helped me better understand the aspects of golf equipment that I might have overlooked.she wasn’t pushing, but guiding. And she wasn’t ‘salesy’, but made thoughtful suggestions. She made it easy to settle on the best value and equipment for my game.
George Verified CustomerMar 4, 2024
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Evan was super helpful getting me into a set of clubs! Coming from beginner clubs he talked to me about the importance of getting solid clubs while not going the cheap route completely! We found a set that my budget worked perfect for and I couldn’t be happier! Highly highly recommend!
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As a beginner I did not understand the differences in brands, club counts and how that would factor into pricing and quality. I was looking for a set with more quality and could play with me for longer before an upgrade was needed even if that meant paying a little more to get something of quality as a first set. Chris was very responsive to questions and explained the differences in brands, model, material, quality and even more to help me make a decision that fit me.
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Grant is a lifesaver!
5 /5
I had no idea where to start - online reviews are all over the map for the product I was looking for, and in-store sales seemed overwhelming because everyone I met seemed slimy and upselling me. Grant was efficient, quick, and didn't try to sell me more than I could afford. There's a reason he has such great reviews - he's a pro. He didn't even make fun of me for being such a novice and not being the most interesting customer he's ever had. ("just intermediate golf clubs for a hobby golfer" :) )
Jennifer Verified CustomerMar 3, 2024
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My new driver is truly king of the bag
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The Qi10 is the driver I needed to truly top off my bag! The irons, wedges and 4i-hybrid that Jason has curated for me have really helped me grow as a golfer! The Qi10 really fits amazing and my drives are popping nearly 30 yards on average! Would highly recommend working with him to fit you to the right clubs!
Dana Verified CustomerMar 1, 2024
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Eric was Insightful and Helpful
5 /5
Eric did a great job explaining his recommendations to me and ensuring that what he recommended was going to be hlep me out the best on the course. He took in all my information and came to a very logical and insightful conclusion about what irons and driver fit me best. Loved his knowledge and approachability. Thanks Eric!
Jordan Verified CustomerMar 1, 2024
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Stumbled on a great find
5 /5
I just started golfing last year with a hand me down driver. Video after video swing after swing I never got better, never consistent hits. I had bought blades (irons) off a friend and once I actually dedicated time to golf I realized as a beginner I didn’t need blades (yet) so I found some more forgiving clubs. I took the same logic and applied it to my driver. That’s when I stumbled upon Evan, I explained my problem and he broke it down easy for me, I was using a 92 Corolla and he was recommending a 2022 Mercedes (not the latest and greatest but good enough). I found the driver locally and bought it the next day and hit the range. I was in aw, I couldn’t hit a bad ball if I tried. All my practice paid off once I got the right driver thanks to Evan. Afterwards I felt bad that I bought it local taking his free advice so I came back and bought some other things he recommended…. Once I get those I am sure they will be perfect.
James Verified CustomerMar 1, 2024
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