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Cobra FLY-XL Complete Set w/ Stand Bag · Graphite · Senior · Right Handed

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Color: Black & Blue
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The Cobra FLY-XL Complete Set w/ Stand Bag is built for moderate swing speed players needing a lightweight complete set with everything a player needs to head straight to the golf course. The set includes a Driver, 3 & 5 Woods, 4 & 5 Hybrids, 6-9 Iron, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge, and Putter in a premium Stand bag to cover the distances and shots needed in every round.

Key Features:

  • Titanium Driver – Engineered with an oversized shape and heel-biased weighting to protect against slice spin, delivering longer and straighter ball flights.
  • Shallow Profile – A shallow profile in the Fairway Woods are also built with heel-biased weighting to improve accuracy and slow slice spin.
  • Cavity-Backed Irons – A traditional cavity-backed design with perimeter weighting provides effortless launch and forgiveness from a large area of the iron's clubface.
  • Premium Blade Putter – A machined face in a blade putter shape provides optimal feel and proper versatility from short to long putts.
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What's the overall weight and balance of the clubs in the set?

this is a very popular set that we offer to our customers. They are from a very reputable company, and are overall a great product. They are a full set that offers all the things that golfers would need to complete a round of golf at a very competitive price.
Answered by:
Christopher Colburn
Golf Expert

How do the clubheads in this set perform for different swing speeds?

The club heads in the Cobra FLY-XL Complete Set w/ Stand Bag are designed for players with moderate to slow swing speed. They are designed to assist players in getting the ball in the air easily and to promote a lot of forgiveness across the face of the club. The club heads are light weight, so they will help players with lower to moderate swing increase their club head speed. Players with higher swing speeds may not see peak performance with these club heads.
Answered by:
Ryan Butler
Golf Expert

Is the Cobra FLY-XL Complete Set w/ Stand Bag suitable for beginners, or is it better suited for intermediate or advanced golfers?

The Cobra FLY-XL Complete Set W/ Stand Bag is geared more for golfers who are beginners. They are designed to be very lightweight, making them easier to swing to help increase swing speeds for players learning the golf swing. The design and construction of the club heads prioritize forgiveness and maximum distance. They are aimed at helping players hit the ball as straight as possible and as far as possible, so any more skilled player looking to control shot shape and trajectory would not find these clubs to be the best for their game. Any beginner player would benefit greatly from these clubs.
Answered by:
Ryan Butler
Golf Expert
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Very efficient and thorough
5 /5
Instead of just asking for measurements and experience Bobby was more thorough and asked how dedicated i am, what kind of playing i do and things that most overlook. Took the time to send a video explaining the clubs he recommended for me and gave me two great options based on the information. i was having a hard time finding clubs on my own and if not for Bobby specifically i probably would have gave up and kept renting low quality clubs. Definitely a great experience and i’m excited to really start honing my golfing skills. Thanks Bobby.
chandan Verified CustomerSep 20, 2023
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Helped by:
Andrew was so kind and helpful!
5 /5
I am brand new at golf. The most experience I have revolves around playing at TopGolf. I decided I wanted to take on golfing as a more serious hobby, but I had no idea how to start. Andrew answered my questions and took his time explaining my options to me. Greatly appreciated!
Mariana Verified CustomerSep 20, 2023
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Greatest Experience!
5 /5
Ted was in a hurry to be methodical! Didn't attempt to push a particular model, brand or style. Wasn't interested in rushing my decision, and was unbelievably patient with my thoughts, questions, concerns and curiosities. He took his time to incorporate my inconsistencies and issues with my game to recommend types, lofts, angles, fact types, etc so that I had a cart with only pertinent and relevant items in it. Then to top it off, found every discount and reduction available to ensure I had the lowest cost per item and overall, for my cart. What more could anyone hope for??!! Cannot recommend Ted highly enough and I hope anyone reading this gets to work with him on their purchases! Thank you for the time, energy, effort and patience Ted!
Will Verified CustomerSep 19, 2023
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Ryan was fantastic!
5 /5
Ryan was very supportive and helpful! He allowed me to get comfortable with my choice and take the time to make sure I was financially ready. I don’t really like big purchases so his willingness to work with my timetable was awesome. I greatly appreciate his support and assistance!
Kennedy Verified CustomerSep 19, 2023
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