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Rome Ravine Snowboard · 2021

Rome Ravine Snowboard · 2021

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Product specs
Model year
Sintered Base
Wood Core
Snowboard bend
Snowboard shape
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    Top reviews
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    Brianna Dornisch
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Apr 1, 2021

    Built to float beautifully in the pow with a surfer's finesse, never catch an edge, improve handling and turn initiation, and provide a seamless, smooth ride always! It's really an all-mountain beauty. Poplar/paulownia core with carbon hot rods means the Ravine is lightweight, but totally powerful and full of energy. All-around fun ride!

    Robin Bauman
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021

    An awesome all-mountain deck that is built for it all. Pow, groomers, trees, jump lines, this board will always throw down for you! This board is designed for an all-mountain ride to handle any terrain, in any condition! 6/10 flex that allows the perfect world to shredding fresh lines, to groomer hot laps with your buddies. Direction rocker/camber profile will have you stoked riding in the CO mountains all winter!

    Michael Biasuzzi
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021

    Freeride board with a freestyle feel. Directional twin shape with a 3D base and extra-wide nose to float through the deep snow. Medium flex with a rocker nose and camber underfoot profile. This board will do it all from carving trenches to surfing the powder. Perfect for the freerider with a freestyle flair. huck big side hits, surf the deep powder, and rail down groomers this deck does it all.

    Logan K
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021

    This is going to be a super fun board in the pow but will be a blast on the groomers as well! Rocker in the nose for all the float, then camber all after to give it pop and stability. This gives it nice edge hold too. Medium flex at a 6/10, this is your free-ride, all-mountain, pow machine. Directional all-mountain, pow, freestyle board that'll be fun on the side hits too!

    Jennifer Foster
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 29, 2021

    This is a stiff twin board, it's fast, turns on a time, and is very stable. It's perfect for all-mountain riding and freeriding. It has an all-mountain rocker shape for maximum versatility on whatever terrain you might encounter. The Ravine is a great all-around east coast board for groomers, ice, trees, and even powder.

    Matt Salmon
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021

    This is an all-mountain board with a playful feel and freestyle capabilities. Has a Camber profile with a Rockered Nose providing nice smooth turns on groomed runs, and perfect float in fresh pow as well. Loaded with toms of pop great for jumps and launching off natural hits. Overall perfect board for your riding style!

    Alex V.
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021

    Unique hybrid backseat camber with flat underfoot, camber in the tail with long rocker in the nose to help you glide through the heaviest snow. A bit taller in length will give you some added float and stability plus the width your looking for with your bigger boot. This one will lay trenches!

    Frankie V.
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021

    3D camber profile makes this a dream to rip through the powder. This is a springy board that wants to send off those side hits and launching you out of carves very well. The nose is a lot softer than the tail but that just means those nose butters will be pearl!

    Christian B.
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 18, 2021

    Directional taper with rocker under the nose and camber that progressively stiffens up through the back foot, this is an awesome, highly versatile board that charges hard and plays well. Powder, digging trenches across groomers, playfulness.

    Nathan G.
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021

    This is a playful and buttery smooth ride great for chucking powder clouds, surfing side hits, and making a good day great! Rocker camber profile so it's ideal for all-mountain conditions and has a medium flex. This board is SICK!