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Jones Ultra Mind Expander Snowboard

Jones Ultra Mind Expander Snowboard

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The Jones Ultra Mind Expander Snowboard is a supercharged all-mountain board made for carving and freeriding at high speeds. Jones increased the Mind Expander’s top speed by including more camber, premium materials, and a stiffer flex in this variant. The Ultra has unrivaled float and edge hold, thanks to a directional rocker nose, camber underfoot, and Traction Tech 3.0. In tough terrain, the ash wood veneer topsheet, basalt Power Stringers, and FSC Power Core absorb chatter and keep confidence soaring. This board is designed for expert riders only.

Key Features:

  • FSC Power Core – This is a high-performance core for better edge response and turn power. The embedded basalt Power Stringers help reduce board chatter.

  • 3D Contour Base 3.0 – This base is designed to make every run smoother and every turn more effortless by reducing the drag of the board tips. 3D Contour Bases enhance glide and improve float, helping you ride faster and with better flow.

  • Traction Tech 3.0 – Traction Tech 3.0 adds grip on icy runs and features three extra contact points on every side of the board. The middle bumps are slightly bigger than the outside bumps for better grip.

Sintered Base
Wood Core
Snowboard bend
Snowboard shape
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Jones Ultra Mind Expander Snowboard
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Top reviews
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Sam J.
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jun 11, 2021

The pinnacle of an aggressive powder board. 3D contour base 3.0 with a rocker shape designed by Chris Christenson. This baby is meant to surf pow and charge through whatever snow you come across. This board brings freeriding, creative freestyle, and pow surfing together in a lightweight package. Built with Jones premium ultra construction for added dampness and provides a top-end ride for anyone who's looking to break the model of what a snowboard can do.

Alex V.
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jun 11, 2021

This is the advanced-expert version of the Jones Mind Expander. Basically a stiffer, faster and more performance-focused deck for experienced freeriders who want something capable to take on big mountains, bomb down groomers with, and laying down trenches on pow days. A faster base, more camber underfoot and more traction tech for extra edge hold. This board will rip and create the most beautiful rooster tails on deep turns!

Frankie V.
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jun 11, 2021

Stiffer board, volume shifted for insane response and control. This is a charger that will take you through anything you can think of excellent float for powder and amazing edge technology for control on ice. Minimal chatter and maximum stability at higher speeds.