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Orvis Dacron Backing · 20 lbs · 200 yds. · White

Orvis Dacron Backing · 20 lbs · 200 yds. · White

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Color: White
Length (yd)
100 yds
200 yds
300 yds
400 yds
3,000 yds
Lb. test
20 lb
30 lb
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Product details

Orvis Dacron Backing is essential when setting up a fly fishing reel. The backing is connected to the short fly line and keeps you connected when a fish runs all the fly line is off the spool. This backing is braided dacron and comes in multiple colors, weights and lengths to meet the needs of any fly angler. Key Features:

  • Multiple Weights – The backing comes in 30 lb. for steelhead, salmon, bonefish, and stripers, or 20 lb. for freshwater fish like trout, or bass.
  • Multiple Colors – The backing comes in orange or white to fit an anglers color preference, or to help keep it visible in the water.
  • Multiple Lengths – The backing comes in different lengths. Order enough for one reel spool or for multiple spools.
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Orvis Dacron Backing · 20 lbs · 200 yds. · White
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Danny Mooers
Danny Mooers
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

You need to put backing on your fly reel before you put on fly line or leader! This 100 yards of 20 pound test won't pack your reel too tightly. It's strong and durable. You can get hours and hours of use with this backing and you don't have to worry about it wearing down. It's built to last and looks great on your reel.