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Cobra FLY-XL Complete Set w/ Stand Bag · Steel · Regular · Right Handed

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The Cobra FLY-XL Complete Set w/ Stand Bag is built for moderate swing speed players needing a lightweight complete set with everything a player needs to head straight to the golf course. The set includes a Driver, 3 & 5 Woods, 4 & 5 Hybrids, 6-9 Iron, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge, and Putter in a premium cart bag to cover the distances and shots needed in every round.

Key Features:

  • Titanium Driver – Engineered with an oversized shape and heel-biased weighting to protect against slice spin, delivering longer and straighter ball flights.
  • Shallow Profile – A shallow profile in the Fairway Woods are also built with heel-biased weighting to improve accuracy and slow slice spin.
  • Cavity-Backed Irons – A traditional cavity-backed design with perimeter weighting provides effortless launch and forgiveness from a large area of the iron's clubface.
  • Premium Blade Putter – A machined face in a blade putter shape provides optimal feel and proper versatility from short to long putts.
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What's the overall weight and balance of the clubs in the set?

this is a very popular set that we offer to our customers. They are from a very reputable company, and are overall a great product. They are a full set that offers all the things that golfers would need to complete a round of golf at a very competitive price.
Answered by:
Christopher Colburn
Golf Expert

How do the clubheads in this set perform for different swing speeds?

The club heads in the Cobra FLY-XL Complete Set w/ Stand Bag are designed for players with moderate to slow swing speed. They are designed to assist players in getting the ball in the air easily and to promote a lot of forgiveness across the face of the club. The club heads are light weight, so they will help players with lower to moderate swing increase their club head speed. Players with higher swing speeds may not see peak performance with these club heads.
Answered by:
Ryan Butler
Golf Expert

Is the Cobra FLY-XL Complete Set w/ Stand Bag suitable for beginners, or is it better suited for intermediate or advanced golfers?

The Cobra FLY-XL Complete Set W/ Stand Bag is geared more for golfers who are beginners. They are designed to be very lightweight, making them easier to swing to help increase swing speeds for players learning the golf swing. The design and construction of the club heads prioritize forgiveness and maximum distance. They are aimed at helping players hit the ball as straight as possible and as far as possible, so any more skilled player looking to control shot shape and trajectory would not find these clubs to be the best for their game. Any beginner player would benefit greatly from these clubs.
Answered by:
Ryan Butler
Golf Expert
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5 customer reviews

Excellent for Mid handicap intermediate player

Originally posted at www.cobragolf.com on Jul 9, 2023
I am a senior bogey player high 80's average and have had these for a few months to replace a Wilson Senior profile set. Every club is hitting 10-20 yards further than the Wilsons and accuracy has improved as well. Golf requires a good swing more than anything else so don't blame the clubs for flubs, but if you do swing correctly these clubs will improve your game noticeably. The club selection allows for any situation the average player will encounter and they have held up well so far. The driver and woods have the usual marks from hitting the ground but no nicks or dents. I have found the short clubs easier for me to hit straight, and the putter is well balanced...but once again-don't blame clubs for a bad swing. The bag has plenty of space for all the accessories and seems well made. I likely will play these for the rest of my life and only replace individual clubs as they wear out.
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Originally posted at www.cobragolf.com on Apr 13, 2023
I recently bought these clubs and I am in love. I upgraded from a set of clubs that were prehistoric. After going to the range a few times now - every club has an increased yardage of AT LEAST 50 yards. For example: before my 7-iron was my club for 145-ish yards - after my third range session - my 7-iron was carrying 195 yards. I saw a lot of negative reviews about the club covers and the putter. Club covers are tight but they just need time to loosen up. I haven't used the putter yet but it has a good weight to it. My handicap is around 16 and I guarantee I will drop at least 5 strokes with these clubs when leagues start up. Very nicely priced for the value. Give it a try if you aren't trying to spend thousands of dollars. 10/10.
Austin C.
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Braddah Ryan was No ka Oi!(the best, number 1)
5 /5
Ryan helped me with some of my faults and recommended clubs that help improve my game. 5 different recommendations from budget to premier. It really helped me make a decision without being pressured. The option to pay in full or finance was also great! Mahalo Braddah Ryan! Here in Hawaii, if you help with Aloha, you become Ohana(family)
Peter Verified CustomerOct 3, 2023
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Helped by:
Bob knows his stuff!
5 /5
He was very understanding of my wants in a set of clubs for a beginner like myself and offered three personalized sets based on my price range and height. He gave me three different options each with their own pros and cons but all of them were greatly appreciated! Knowledgeable person who made purchasing my first set of clubs seamless!
Kevin Verified CustomerSep 28, 2023
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Helped by:
And the rest of Sara’s suggestions were right on!
5 /5
Sara recommended 3 choices for woods and irons. I settled on the TRS2 3W and TRS2 Hybrid with specific shafts she also recommended and the Golf Pride Tour Wrap G2 grips I preferred. I selected the Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Pro Irons and got the 4-PW and added the G, L and S wedges with the shafts Sara recommended and the same grips I preferred. This combo is the best I have ever hit providing me with great satisfaction almost each time I hit the ball as I still, occasionally, hit a bad shot but that’s on me and not the club selection. Sara really was spot on with her selection of clubs for me and I also was recommended the Scotty Cameron Phantom putter which is the best putter I have ever had. Thanks again Sara! Really appreciate your knowledge and help!
William Verified CustomerSep 27, 2023
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Helped by:
Awesome Expert
5 /5
Mick was super friendly and helpful from the start. Being that we are both from St. Louis, we started out our interaction by talking about shared experiences there which really broke the ice and made me feel welcomed. As we continued on, Mick stuck with me as I went back and forth on decisions and took a couple weeks to make a purchase. When I finally did, he even threw me a deal with a free pack of balls! Great experience and I will be shopping with Mick again in the future.
George Verified CustomerSep 26, 2023
Cobra LTDx MAX Driver · Right handed · Regular · 10.5°
Helped by:
Very Knowledgeable Friendly!
5 /5
Was searching for a nice, but simple/basic hat to use while out on the course. Was linked with Ted and relieved I was!! You never really know what to expect from websites anymore...is it a real person, is there some brand or type or quota. Not a worry here with Ted. Even for something as simple as a hat, got a quick response with no hassle or pressure. Even gained a recommendation from Ted on some golf balls, which I asked about during our chat. So, all-in-all, I am beyond happy with my experience and very grateful to have worked with Ted. I highly recommend anyone searching for anything related to golf to link up with Ted, you'll be both happy and relieved you did!! Appreciate your time, Ted!
Ty Verified CustomerSep 26, 2023
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Helped by:
Ted is super helpful!!
5 /5
Was only looking to get a couple of boxes of golf balls and was interested in ones that help with those of us who slice. Ted didn't try and upsell anything or press additional items, just addressed the ask and recommended a great item for my use! It's a tremendous relief to have someone actually help with no agenda or motive. Highly recommend Ted for anything golf related!!!!!!! Thank you, Ted!
Erica Verified CustomerSep 26, 2023
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