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Nordica Santa ANA 98 Skis · 2021

Nordica Santa ANA 98 Skis · 2021

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Product specs
Trees, Powder, Jumps
Model year
Ski Type
All Mountain
Ski bend
Tail Type
Twin tip
Waist width (mm)
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Top reviews
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Lucas T.
Verified ski expert
Reviewed May 14, 2021

Speed, stability, and crushing through tough snow. The Santa Ana is what you want if you really like to ski fast or value a smooth ride. It has titanal metal in the core which is great at smoothing out vibrations and smashing through rough snow. It is a more advanced ski, but seriously rips if you put the power into it! Great in powder too thanks to the 98mm waist width.

Grayson Nichols
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

Nordica's product lines are a solid choice for skiers who like a lot of stability under their feet and like to cruise the whole mountain in one day, in any conditions. Charging through crud and coasting through powder is made fun with this stiff ski with a bit of metal in it and a wood core. Even with the metal, these tips are light on chatter and heavy on fun!

Zach Cooley
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

Making your intent known. The Santa Ana 98 is not the stiffest or most powerful ski out there, but it's close. Nordica did a great job beefing this ski up with enough power to blast crud and rail turns, but the rocker profile smooths out the rough edges to keep it from becoming too demanding. It rewards a strong pilot, while not punishing small mistakes.

Mikaela C.
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Mar 9, 2021

Nordica is known for producing high quality - stable chargers and they don't cut corners on their ladies line. With a metal layer construction, this ski offers superior edge control and a smooth and confident ride. Even with the added weight, these sticks can move and after that turn is initiated will grab hold and won't let go until you say so.

Zach Hodgson
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Apr 14, 2021

The Santa Ana combines a classic wood core, carbon frame, and a Terrain Specific Metal (TSM) design that adds stability and strength underfoot with dampening towards the tips and tails. This also allows the skis to be more playful while still remaining strong and powerful to charge through less than ideal snow conditions.

Mariah Wear
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Apr 1, 2021

Charging all mountain ski! 98mm width is perfect for floating on the powder but the Santa Ana has metal in the core to help with stability and damp feel so it won't chatter on the crud! Amazing ski for an advanced lady looking to charge!

Casey Wayne
Verified ski expert
Reviewed May 5, 2021

Charging through crud, pow, or pretty much anything as long as you have the ability to control them. These models feature a gradual taper to allow for some forgiving turns and easier edge grabbing on some of those groomers.

Ryan Westergaard
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Dec 9, 2020

All around mountain skiing and touring. It has a layer of metal in the core that makes it even more powerful and hard charging. It has a generous tip and tail rocker that increases float and makes it easier for pop turns.

Brooke Bowes
Verified ski expert
Reviewed May 5, 2021

This ski can do it all! With the rocker/camber/rocker profile, they hold a solid edge on groomers, maneuver through moguls with ease and float on top of powder. This ski can be your everyday driver!

Adam Sampson
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Mar 1, 2021

A stiffer option that uses metal to really be able to push this ski in varying conditions. Super stable underfoot but also very lively and moveable in the trees and bumps.