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Honma TW-W4 Wedge

Honma TW-W4 Wedge

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Product details

The Honma TW-W4 Wedge lineup features a cross milled face and compact shaping along with specific sole configurations for the lower handicap player to solicit profound control from every wedge offered.

Key Features:

  • Progressive Center of Gravity – Specifically positioned center of gravity in each lofted wedge in the line-up delivers proper launch in each wedge.

  • I-Sole Design – The lower lofted wedges are constructed with a lower center of gravity for solid feel on full shots along with a full sole, camber, and trailing edge relief for a clean backswing and impact.

  • C-Sole Design – Progressively higher center of gravity in the higher lofted wedges in conjunction with a crescent shaped sole with heel and toe relief for improved control and versatility in shot making around the green.

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Honma TW-W4 Wedge
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Top reviews
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Don Lee
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jun 22, 2021

These wedges have a crescent-shaped sole with heel and toe relief for versatility around the greens. There is also a higher center of gravity in the higher lofts for trajectory control on full shots, and feel and forgiveness around the greens when opening the face. Most importantly, it has a handsome finish with a beautiful combination of blast and polish finish with a cross milled face!

Max Borchers
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jun 22, 2021

This club is amazing for getting tight to the pin and putting the ball in locations to make putts that count. We are looking at a club here which helps control distance and gives a face where you can see confidence while visualizing the best shot of your foursome

Steven Severance
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jun 22, 2021

The leading edge of this club sits flush with the ground, inviting an aggressive and versatile wedge play. This club is great for a "sweeper" of the ball. Players who enjoy manipulating the clubface will also love this club.

Kylan Hallam
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jun 22, 2021

This club is great for players that want to feel the contact they are making with the ball. Its very soft face provides responsive feedback on contact, and it helps to produce more spin and control around the green.

Bandar Al-Saif
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jun 22, 2021

The higher lofted models, including the 60 degree, have a progressively higher center of gravity for trajectory control. The wedge also includes a tour caliber shaft for great all around performance.