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Yum Dinger Worm · 4 in · Elders Magic · 10 pk.

Yum Dinger Worm · 4 in · Elders Magic · 10 pk.

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Color: Elders Magic
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The Yum Dinger 4" Worm is a lure that can catch Bass at any given moment. Fish cannot resist the urge to strike when spotting this bait. Anglers of all skill levels can produce bites with this easy to use bait. This worm has versatility to be fished in numerous ways such as Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, or the fan favorite–Wacky style. When sinking down in the water, this worm provides wiggle to entice fish, as does the scented attractant.

Key User Features

  • Scented Attractant – Scent is infused into the worm for strikes that fish seek out and hold onto.
  • Versatility – This lure is versatile in the ways that is can be rigged as well as being easy to use for all angler skill levels.
  • Color Patterns – Comes in various colors and patterns that will attract fish in a variety of circumstances.
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Yum Dinger Worm · 4 in · Elders Magic · 10 pk.
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Adam Fox
Adam Fox
Verified conventional fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

This offers a shadow-like presentation due to the dark color, plus it has some sparkle attraction due to the blue flakes in it! You can use this in many ways from jig heads or weighted hooks to drop-shots. This is a less expensive alternative to the Yamamoto Senko worms.