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Jackall Rerange 110 - Blue Pearl Shad / 4 1/4"

Jackall Rerange 110 - Blue Pearl Shad / 4 1/4"

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Color: Blue Pearl Shad
4 1/4"
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Product details

The Jackall Rerange 110 is a bait fish mimicking jerkbait. This lure is built with the TG zero friction weight transfer system featuring a fluororesin covered tungsten weight which slides from fore to aft. The weight adds to the erratic movement of the lure which entices strikes and the extra weight allows the lure to have extended casting range to cover more water. The running depth of this lure is 4 feet. Conventional largemouth bass anglers and anglers who pursue large predatory fish will use this lure.

Key Features:

  • 12 Color Options – This lure comes in 12 different colors to best match the local bait fish population.
  • TG Zero Friction Weight System – The tungsten bead in this system moves along the length of the lure giving it an enticing motion in the water and increasing the distance it can be cast.
  • Three Treble Hooks – The jerkbait comes with three treble hooks designed for maximal hook ups on strikes.
Lure type
Hard baits
Fishing type
Jackall Rerange 110 - Blue Pearl Shad / 4 1/4"
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