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Mission Tackle Spinnerbait Tandem Spin - BLACK / 3/8 oz

Mission Tackle Spinnerbait Tandem Spin - BLACK / 3/8 oz

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The Mission Tackle Spinnerbait Tandem Spin is designed for largemouth bass anglers. A Colorado- and Willow-style spin blade vibrates in the water and produces flash that attracts fish. The silicone skirt adds life like action which further elicits strikes.

Key Features:

  • 6 Baitfish Color Combinations – This spinnerbait comes in 6 color combinations that imitate the colors of natural forage fish.
  • Sculpted Minnow Head – A sculpted minnow head adds to the realism of the spinnerbait, triggering strikes.
  • Silicone Skirt – The silicone skirt is designed not to rot or deteriorate.
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Mission Tackle Spinnerbait Tandem Spin - BLACK / 3/8 oz
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Kevin Borst
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Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Perfect for covering lots of water and enticing those constant bites! The bright color is sure to catch the eyes of many species and encourage aggressive attacks. Casting along hiding spots, rock ledges, or weeds. Can be reeled in fast to keep it moving and realistic. The spinner aspect is sure to move the water and attract more attention!