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Titleist TSi1 Driver · Right handed · Senior · 10°

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Dominant hand
Right handed
Shaft flex
Loft degrees
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TSi1 is a great driver for people who tend to have slower swing speeds. The head of the driver is lighter than the other TSi models, and it comes stock with a very light 40-50g shaft that helps generate more speed that results in more distance. It is also extremely forgiving.

Ideal for
  • Beginners who need forgiveness
  • Ladies
  • Seniors
Not ideal for
  • Too light for faster swing speeds
  • Big head shape can turn off people who like compact designs
  • Difficulty shaping the ball compared to TSi3

The Titleist TSi1 Driver is the perfect choice for golfers with moderate swing speeds who are looking to maximize their distance. With its ultra-lightweight configuration and deep, face-centered CG, this driver delivers exceptional ball speed and increased launch. The TSi1 Driver is designed to help you achieve your best performance on the course.

Key Features:

  • Super-Lightweight Components: The TSi1 Driver features super-lightweight components that make it easy to swing and maneuver. This allows you to generate more clubhead speed, which translates into greater distance off the tee.
  • Deep, Face-Centered CG: The deep, face-centered CG of the TSi1 Driver helps increase launch and reduce spin for maximum distance. This design also promotes a straighter ball flight for improved accuracy.
  • Exceptional Ball Speed: Thanks to its advanced technology and design features, the TSi1 Driver delivers exceptional ball speed that will help you hit longer drives than ever before.
  • Maximum Forgiveness: The forgiving nature of this driver means that even off-center hits will still travel far down the fairway. This makes it easier for golfers of all skill levels to achieve their best performance on every shot.
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Ryan was great, your process could be better
4 /5
Ryan is knowledgeable and patient, and I enjoyed working with him. You could give him more ability to be flexible with pricing, and I feel like I was burned a little by you guys offering 10% all over the place, but it "ran out" and Ryan was not able to get me the 10% but had o go back and forth with his manager to get a measly 4%. For example, when I signed up I had a 10% voucher, which I did not know ran out...then it did. Then you had a 10% for Black Friday and a 10% for Cyber Monday and in both cases I thought those deals would last longer...but they didn't. I bought golf clubs which means I had to try out the models I was looking at locally...which took some time.
Paul P Verified CustomerDec 8, 2023
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Helped by:
5 /5
I googled the set of clubs and the same set came up cheaper, Jon spent time trying to see if we could price match. unfortunately the sale price must have expired, because neither of us could access the set to order, UGH! but I was able to check prices and know that this was the best price. I appreciate the time and effort Jon took trying to get the price match to apply.
Pam Verified CustomerDec 2, 2023
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Alan was Fantastic
5 /5
Being able to converse with someone about different clubs that fit my play was exactly what I needed. Alan was very patient and very knowable about what I needed to help better my game. I can’t wait to get out there with my new driver and set a new PR!! THANKS ALAN!!! I’ll definitely be coming back to him to get my new iron set and maybe even some new wedges and a putter.
Charlie Verified CustomerDec 1, 2023
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