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Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid · Right handed · Senior · 4H

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Project X Cypher 40 Hyb
Project X Cypher Hyb
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These hybrids are awesome, they are cleveland's newest addition to the hybrid family and they are an awesome hybrid when it comes to having a low launching, rocket of a hybrid to play multiple types of shots with. They are also lightweight enough to increase swing speed which in turn increases distance.

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The Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid is engineered for players who have a moderate swing speed and are seeking a high-launching and forgiving hybrid. Maintaining a squared clubface consistently from swept shots through the turf is enhanced with this counterbalanced hybrid designed to deliver more control.

Key Features:

  • XL Design – A big head size promotes increased stability and a large hitting area to minimize swing errors.
  • Gliderail – Releasing well through rough lies, three glide rails improve impact consistency by keeping the face square through impact.
  • Rebound Frame – Two flex zones of alternating flex and rigidity impart more energy to the golf ball.
  • Action Mass CB – Counterbalancing the clubhead with 8 grams of weight at the grip delivers improved balance through the swing and impact zone.
  • Hibore Crown Step – A stepped crown construction lowers the center of gravity for a reliable launch.
  • Accuracy Build – A custom configuration of a half-inch shorter shaft improves center contact for empowered golf swings.
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Ryan was great, your process could be better
4 /5
Ryan is knowledgeable and patient, and I enjoyed working with him. You could give him more ability to be flexible with pricing, and I feel like I was burned a little by you guys offering 10% all over the place, but it "ran out" and Ryan was not able to get me the 10% but had o go back and forth with his manager to get a measly 4%. For example, when I signed up I had a 10% voucher, which I did not know ran out...then it did. Then you had a 10% for Black Friday and a 10% for Cyber Monday and in both cases I thought those deals would last longer...but they didn't. I bought golf clubs which means I had to try out the models I was looking at locally...which took some time.
Paul P Verified CustomerDec 8, 2023
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5 /5
I googled the set of clubs and the same set came up cheaper, Jon spent time trying to see if we could price match. unfortunately the sale price must have expired, because neither of us could access the set to order, UGH! but I was able to check prices and know that this was the best price. I appreciate the time and effort Jon took trying to get the price match to apply.
Pam Verified CustomerDec 2, 2023
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Alan was Fantastic
5 /5
Being able to converse with someone about different clubs that fit my play was exactly what I needed. Alan was very patient and very knowable about what I needed to help better my game. I can’t wait to get out there with my new driver and set a new PR!! THANKS ALAN!!! I’ll definitely be coming back to him to get my new iron set and maybe even some new wedges and a putter.
Charlie Verified CustomerDec 1, 2023
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