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Cobra King Radspeed XD Driver

Cobra King Radspeed XD Driver

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Project X Even Flow Riptide
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The Curated Take

This driver is great for people who hit slices and need help straightening that out. It launches very high and goes a long way. The CNC milling of the face makes it very soft feeling like a putter but the ball still pops off of the face. The sound is awesome too.

Golf Expert Ari T
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Overall ratings
(4.3/5) 2 Expert reviews
  • Reducing slice spin
  • Forgiveness
  • High launch
  • Not good for people who hit draws.
Golf Expert Ari T
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details

The Cobra RadSpeed XD Driver is engineered to deliver 5-25 handicap players who seek to limit the effects of negative slice-spin, a driver built with additional weighting at the heel to offset slice spin and increase distance.

Key Features:

  • CNC Milled Infinity Face – Built with an infinity edge face design expands the milled area and the hitting area for maximum ball speeds off a large portion of the club face.
  • Thin-Ply Carbon Wrap Crown – Using a new carbon fiber material in the crown saves 6 grams of discretionary weight repositioned to optimize performance and enhanced forgiveness.
  • T-Bar Speed Chassis – A refined T-Bar Chassis enables more mass to be moved forward in the frame, decreasing spin while maintaining fast ball speeds.
  • Adjustable Hosel – An adjustable hosel system allows players to further optimize the ball flight to hit specific points in the fairway.
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Ari T
Ari T
Golf Expert
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This is a great driver for anyone looking for a long and easy to use driver that helps fight a slice. Weight is in the heel to help square the face. Great feel and sound. Lower spin aids in getting more distance through roll. Available in multiple colors. Not good for someone who hits a draw.

  • Great draw biased driver
  • Very long
  • Easy to hit
  • Not for those that hit a draw
Expert Q&A
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Which Cobra Radspeed driver is most forgiving?
Cobra offers three models of the RadSpeed driver - RadSpeed, RadSpeed XB, and RadSpeed XD. All will provide players with low spin, high ball speed and incredible workability. But if you struggle with off-center ball strikes, the RadSpeed XB is the most forgiving. Much of the weight has been repositioned toward the back of the club. Maintains ball speed without sacrificing the consistent, low-spin shots that Cobra is known for.
Golf Expert Benjamin BGolf Expert Ari TGolf Expert Gavin Lee
by Benjamin B on August 3, 2022 · view 2 other answers
Cobra King Radspeed XD Driver
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