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Cobra RadSpeed Hybrid

Cobra RadSpeed Hybrid

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Product details

The Cobra RadSpeed Hybrid is designed for a wide array of golfers seeking improved launch and more consistent ball flights from long iron replacements or to replace their current hybrids. Merging and advanced Cobra hybrid technologies work to lower the center of gravity and cut through any turf condition to deliver proper trajectories and descent angles to hold the fastest of greens. Key Features: - Front-Biased Radial Weighting – 12 grams of front weighting and 7 grams of back weighting balance to deliver a high launching and low spinning ball flight for maximum forgiveness. - Hollow Split Rails – Imparting more flex at the sole behind the face Hollow Split Rails at the front of the hybrid accelerate ball speeds for easier distance. - Forged Face Insert – Thin and flexible forged face inserts improve launch angles and preferred descent trajectories to stop on the greens.

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Ari T
Ari T
Golf Expert
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Ari T owns this product

The Cobra RadSpeed Hybrid is a very forgiving hybrid that is great for someone that wants an easy to use and long hybrid that has a great sole for hitting is off any lie. Rails on the sole help get down into the ball on bad lies. Tall face is better for someone with a steeper angle of attack. Not very workable, likes to go high and straight. Neutral ballflight with great adjustability on the hosel adapter.

  • Very forgiving
  • Very easy to launch off most any lie
  • Very long
  • Not very workable
Cobra RadSpeed Hybrid
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