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Arbor Ethos Rocker Snowboard · Women's · 2023 · 144 cm

Arbor Ethos Rocker Snowboard · Women's · 2023 · 144 cm

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Product details

The Arbor Ethos Women's Snowboard is an affordable board for beginners who want to continue riding their beginner board as an intermediate. Key Features:

  • Parabolic Rocker – This mathematically-designed rocker shape makes turning on snow easy and catch free. Beginners flourish on rockers because rockers push into the snow most in the center of the board. This makes pivoting in the middle of the board especially easy. Additionally, rockers push upwards under the feet, so beginners will catch fewer edges and fall less.
  • Grip Tech – Many beginners have to learn on icy, green slopes. The Ethos has four extra contact points on the edge of the board. These cut into the snow and ice like a serrated knife, which helps riders hold an edge more easily.
  • Soft Flex – Beginners benefit greatly from a more flexible board, because it is easier to bend for maneuvering.
  • Authentic Wooden Topsheet – All of Arbor's wooden topsheets are real wood. Aside from looking beautiful, this adds a little extra pop to the board for when riders want to start jumping.
  • Environmentally-Friendly – Back when Arbor got its start in the 90s, it was just as concerned with protecting forests as it was with making boards. Arbor's main focus has been the reforestation of Hawaiian Koa forests, because that's where native Hawaiians got their wood for surf boards. Plantations destroyed much of the forests, but Arbor has planted 350,000 Koa trees and reforested 800 acres of woodlands with native plants since 1995. For each board they make, they plant more than one Koa tree.
Age Group
Model year
Waist width (mm)
Snowboard type
All Mountain
Snowboard skill level
Beginner, Intermediate
Snowboard profile
Snowboard shape
Directional Twin
Effective edge (mm)
Tip width (mm)
Tail width (mm)
Sidecut radius (m)
7.95 ​/ 7.05 ​/ 7.95
Stance setback (mm)
Rider weight (lbs)
70 - 150
Extruded Base
Binding mount pattern
Recycled Steel Edges, Factory Tuned
Flex rating
All mountain
Arbor Ethos Rocker Snowboard · Women's · 2023 · 144 cm
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David Watts
David Watts
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

This is a fully rockered deck that will be quite noodly and playful. This means that the edges curve away from the snow instead of towards it, so turn initiation is easier and catch free. If you like to get buttery and and surfy, this is the deck for you!