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Temple Fork Outfitters Tactical Bass Casting Rod · 6'9" · Medium heavy

Temple Fork Outfitters Tactical Bass Casting Rod · 6'9" · Medium heavy

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Rod length
Line weight
8 - 14 lb
8 - 20 lb
14 - 30 lb
12 - 25 lb
4 - 10 lb
Extra heavy
Medium heavy
Medium light
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The Tactical Bass casting series was created by Temple Fork Outfitters for serious bass fishermen and women that require precision equipment for technique-specific fishing situations.

This series includes rods ranging from 6'9" to 8'0 in length, medium-light to extra-heavy in power, and these rods are either moderate or fast action. All rods are color-coded according to rod power. Medium-light is gray, medium is yellow, medium-heavy is red, heavy is black, and extra-heavy is green. All of these rods are made of carbon fiber, medium modulus, 1-piece blanks that are finished in a satin clear coat. They all have cork split-grip handles and a down-locking reel seat, making it easier and more comfortable to cast repetatively all day long. The power ratings are as follows:

  • Medum-Light - 1/16-3/8 oz. lures, 4-10 lb. monofilament (7'3", 4 oz. rod, Fast Taper only)
  • Medium - 3/16-1/2 oz. lures, 8-14 lb. monofilament
  • Medium-Heavy - 1/4-3/4 oz. lures, 8-20 lb. monofilament
  • Heavy - 3/8-1 1/2 oz. lures, 12-25 lb. monofilament
  • Extra-Heavy - 1/2-2 oz. lures, 14-30 lb. monofilament Key Features:
  • Versatility - This casting series has 18 model options, making it incredibly useful to anlgers from all walks of life.
  • Sensitivity - The down locking reel seat has cutouts in it so that the angler can directly contact the blank while fishing. This contact makes it easier to detect those subtle bites.
  • PacBay Guides - The stainless steel guides by PacBay are lightweight, durable, and they reduce friction on the line because they are bevelled.
  • Moderate/Fast Tapers - The moderate tapers are best when combined with lures that make their own actions like crankbaits and trolling lures. The fast actions are better for situations where the angler has to perform the presentation of the lure in the water like stickbaits, jigs, and soft jerkbaits/paddle-tails.
Rod type
Line weight (lbs)
8 - 20
Lure weight
1/4-3/4 oz.
Fishing type
Rod weight (oz.)
Water type
Temple Fork Outfitters Tactical Bass Casting Rod · 6'9" · Medium heavy
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Craig Smith
Craig Smith
Verified conventional fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

A top quality brand and a do-it-all rod! At 7'3" this rod is equipped for making long casts as well as giving you a lot of rod to get leverage fighting the fish. The medium light action will give the rod great sensitivity to feel even the softest bites.