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TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Chrome Wedge · Right handed · Stiff · 54° · 11°

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Chrome Wedge · Right handed · Stiff · 54° · 11°

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Color: Chrome
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Right handed
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Product details

The TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge is designed for a wide array of low to mid-handicap players seeking specific bounce and loft options in a versatile and forgiving milled wedge. Multiple face technologies work to improve ball spin while a raw faced technology in the face allows the grooves to age well delivering players a confidence inspiring and shot making wedge year after year.

Key Features:

  • Milled Grind - Each sole is milled for repeatable performance and turf interaction for maximum consistency.
  • ZTP-17 Groove - Steep side walls in the grooves contain a sharp edge radius for precise spin control.
  • Thick-This Design - An optimal Center of Gravity location provides reliably high ball flights and enhanced feel.
  • Raised Micro-Ribs - Positioned between each groove, adding texture to the face, raised Micro-Ribs increase spin from a larger portion of the club face.
  • Raw Face Technology - Allowing the face to rust over time preserves the spin properties and provides a time-honored look.
Dominant hand
Right handed
Flex type
Bounce degrees
Club Type
Grip name
Crossline Black/Blue Gec
Model year
Shaft Material
Shaft launch
Shaft name
Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S200
Shaft spin
Shaft weight
Swing weight
Wedge grind
Expert product review
Golf Expert Dan DG
Review by Curated Expert Dan DG
For years Taylormade has been renowned as an incredible driver company, but this season, it's their wedges that have my attention. The 2022 TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Chrome Wedge is an incredible looking teardrop wedge designed to be stable and versatile, with the ability to execute every shot on the course. While this is certainly a pro caliber club, the wide range of bounce options, and heavier sole, make this a forgiving enough club that almost any golfer can put in their bag with confidence.
Around the Green
Full Shots
A man is playing a ball out of a bunker with the MG3 club.
A golfer hits a golf ball off of a driving range.
Two wedges with different face materials.
Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
When did the TaylorMade milled Grind wedge come out?
The Taylormade Milled Grind collection first came out in 2017 and became Taylormade's ideal method to consistently create a consistent and replica-table grind for their tour players. The next model, the MG2, came out in 2019 and introduced the raw face to create more spin. The most recent model, the MG3, came out in 2021 and is what most tour pros currently use.
Golf Expert Andrew AbbottGolf Expert Jared T.Golf Expert William Warren
by Andrew Abbott on July 29, 2022 · view 2 other answers
TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Chrome Wedge · Right handed · Stiff · 54° · 11°
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Alex Rothery
Alex Rothery
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Designed to give golfers the specific bounce and feel they are looking for. This wedge caters to a wide array of low to mid handicappers. The grooves are designed to age very well, while the improvements Taylormade has done to the club face has improved the ball spin rate. The club's center of gravity feel gives golfers the reliable and consistent shot height.

Travis Gray
Travis Gray
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Versatile and great feeling "sand" wedge for getting around the greens with a higher and more forgiving bounce to ensure the leading edge isn't digging during turf interaction.

Andrew Larson
Andrew Larson
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

These wedges would be a good fit because they offer high bounce on the sole of the club to help glide on lush turf instead of digging in. The milled face offers high spin. Good for golfers who come in steep on wedge shots, play on lush conditions, and want to avoid "chunking" shots.

Richard Hearden
Richard Hearden
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Needed for good players who might come in a little steep with their chip and pitch shots. The 10 degrees of bounce on this wedge should help add some consistency and forgiveness to the hit of the ball rather than digging into the turf and chunking it.