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Callaway Apex Pro 21 Single Irons

Callaway Apex Pro 21 Single Irons

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I think this product is ideal for a player looking to maintain the looks and feel of a smaller iron shape but have the added forgiveness for an odd mis-hit here and there. it is also good for ball strikers that maybe do not get to practice as often. The overall feel on the center face hits is reminiscent of a blade feel or butter-style feel iron for feedback and sound.

Golf Expert Brady MaagGolf Expert Caley Campbell
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Overall ratings
(3.9/5) 3 Expert reviews
  • This iron set is best for lower handicap players.
  • The smaller compact shape is ideal for top line looks.
  • For a player that wants blade like appearance.
  • Although these are very forgiving, they are still a player's club that needs better than average ball striking ability.
  • Always watch the lofts as these are not typical blade lofting.
  • These clubs and very thin profile.
Golf Expert Brady MaagGolf Expert Caley Campbell
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details

Callaway‚ Apex Pro 21 Irons are designed for the advanced player demanding speed and forgiveness with an iron that draws on innovative Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) face structures within a forged hollow-body construction. Matching feel and player-approved shaping with raw power, the Apex Pro 21 Irons solicit profound control over shot shapes and launch to work the ball to any target.

Key Features:

  • A.I. Flash Face Cup - Unique Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)-optimized Flash Face Cup Technology specifically designed in each iron creates high COR ratings for improved spin robustness and ball speeds.
  • Ultimate Forged Feel - Each iron is built with a forged 1025 hollow-body construction and inserted with urethane-microsphere technology to enhance the sound and feel.
  • Tungsten Energy Core - Implemented for the first time in the Apex Pro, the iron‚ hollow-body construction allows for the insertion of a powerful energy core to accelerate launch conditions while simultaneously improving forgiveness.
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Expert Reviews
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Brady Maag
Brady Maag
Golf Expert
3,129 customers helped
Brady Maag owns this product

The Apex Pro is an iron that is intended for a highly skilled golfer. This iron is going to offer a premium feel and fantastic workability. If you are looking for an iron that allows you to shape your shots, and get feedback on every ball you strike, the Callaway Apex Pro is for you.

  • Maximum workability
  • Good feedback
  • Good launch
  • Not forgiving
Caley Campbell
Caley Campbell
Golf Expert
670 customers helped
Caley Campbell tested this product

The Callaway Apex Pro 2021 iron is the best forged hollow body design in the game. It provides the golfer with the sleek look of a blade that you would often see tour players use but offers some additional features to ensure more consistent results. The many pro's include feel, workability, launch, distance and sound, heavily outweighing the lone con which is forgiveness. This iron is great for someone who consistently strikes the golf ball near the center of the clubface this club will not only meet, but also exceed expectations.

  • Consistent and predictable high launch angle leading to softer landings.
  • Exceptional feel gives the golfer immediate feedback.
  • Superior workability allows for shots to be shaped all directions.
  • Don't expect this iron to be as forgiving as a cavity back option. If the golfer is missing the sweet spot, results will become unpredictable.
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What is the difference between Callaway Apex and Apex Pro?
The Callaway Apex and Apex Pro are two irons that have plenty to offer. The standard Apex is considered a Player's distance iron. It is going to offer a good amount of workability, while still offering a bit of forgiveness on mis-hits. The Apex Pro is geared toward a higher-skilled player for maximum shot shaping and playability.
Golf Expert Brady MaagGolf Expert Miles MinorGolf Expert Gavin Lee
by Brady Maag on August 5, 2022 · view 2 other answers
Callaway Apex Pro 21 Single Irons
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